Thursday, April 17, 2014


Happy Holy Thursday everyone! Wow, it's so hard to believe that Lent is over and the Triduum has begun. What a blessing to have reached this stage. I am completely exhausted and that makes me feel like at least my Lent was productive. More on that next week.

Since we're still not up for the Mass of the Lord's Supper tonight (we have head colds and little man is resisting all things church at the moment) we will do a lot of this between today and tomorrow then have the food blessed and enjoy the Slovak vigil meal on Saturday before rejoicing on Sunday!

Part of the traditional meal is hrin (just say it like it looks). It's a delightful side condiment for kielbasa and ham and even hard boiled eggs. You make it by boiling some beets and shredding
then peeling and grating some of this bad boy...
finally mixing the two together and letting it sit for a few days...

My, my. If you are a "hot" food fan, this is your dish. Since it's just Uncle Dave this year, I made it extra spicy...the fresh horseradish is key. None of that diluted stuff in the jar ;0)

While I was cooking kielbasa and grating up horseradish (which also clears sinuses most effectively!) my cleaning crew was working on the living/dining rooms.

I am so very blessed!

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