Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Good friends

I'm sitting here reading a blog or two and catching up on email and trying to finish things because, well, we have a birthday party tomorrow (early, yes) and some of the dearest people in the world coming to help celebrate. It's been forever since we've seen them! It's been our focus for the last few weeks (finish your homework, no tears at Catechesis, play nicely with your sibs, etc...so you can have fun at the party).

You would think I would be in a manic scramble to make my house spotless and plan the perfect party. Not so much. That's how I know these are real and true friends...I'm not that stressed.

I will clean and I have a trick or two up my party sleeve but, really, the important thing for my kids to see is that friends (and family) are the biggest deal - not impressive cakes or a spotless house.

We are so blessed to have friends like these even if they are far from us most of the time (sniff, sniff) - it makes the visit so much more special when it's only once-in-a-while.

OK, have a good Wednesday. I'm off to plan, clean and most of all enjoy our friends. God is so good :0)

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