Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do to others whatever you would have them do to you.

Let me steal some material from our visiting priest for a moment...If you ask someone where to find the above quote, what would you hear? A book of Proverbs, the Golden Rule, etc...doubtful it would come from Matthew's Gospel. Yet today, that is exactly what we heard. (If you don't believe me, click the "G" on the Mass readings doohicky on the right...
So, I've been thinking about this statement. How would I like to be treated and do I treat others in this way? I like to think so. Some of the time.

I do try to find the good in things and lift up people who are hurting.  I will acknowledge I'm not much of a cheerleader for those who are already "up". I think it's because I know that society will always have ample praise for them. I'm trying to help those along who might be without a cheering section. There are many days that I fail at this. Still, I'm trying to persevere.

Society...yes, I opened the door. Please excuse if this turns into a rant. Just the way I'm feeling at the moment. I will do my best to curb my enthusiasm.

When I say "most of the time" the rest of the time is when I feel squelched by society or I feel that others refrain from doing unto me because of the current societal norms.

First example. We're on a playground (I have five kids for those of you who just joined us. Four of whom could qualify for the next scenario) and one of my kids is being less than playground friendly. They're not sharing, pushing, whatever. What do you do? What I would like you to do is step in and tell them that's unacceptable. If you don't "feel comfortable" with that (sorry, I detest that phrase) then please bring it to my attention. I am mortified that this seems to be inappropriate now. I'm not asking you to raise my kids but I am asking you to help me have examples with which to teach them. Please don't let me miss a golden opportunity.

Next, adult friendships. In my opinion...true friendship involves an intimate level of sharing (see my post about Facebook). Such a level requires confidence and expectation. By that I mean you should be able to share something in confidence and expect that it goes no farther than that person. Also, you should expect that your friend, if s/he is a true friend, will lovingly call you out when your behavior is inappropriate or when your thoughts are faulty.

This, from my experience, is quite rare these days. I have had these types of relationships in the past but now it seems that expressing a constructive criticism or an alternate viewpoint (or receiving such) is very unwelcome. I think that is sad. How are we to grow as people or in relationships if we don't know our shortcomings? Are we so touchy as a society that even our "closest friends" cannot accept a word of correction? Ug.

I want people, especially my friends and family, to gain their eternal reward in Heaven. I would hope that they want the same for me. Feel free to correct me now and in the future. I promise I'll try to take it well and not be offended. To anyone who has been subject to my constructive criticism, I promise it was given with the most loving of intentions even if it didn't sound that way at the time.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lyrics Lundi

now he's the freshest dj from coast to coast
my man can cut..scratch...but i don't mean to boast
he may be a little light
but that's ok
cause when he cuts to the beat
it sounds this way

Why I love my husband...part whatever

1. We can think completely differently about so many things but, somehow, it works.

2. I can get really, really angry about something (see #1) but he is kind enough to take it like an Italian (i.e. you say what you say and tomorrow is a new day - at least that's how the Italians in his family operate).

3. He put Ernie and Bert voices on my Garmin. I know, childish. However, we've been on 4 trips since then and no one has asked for a video even once...just "can you make Ernie laugh?" (which is accomplished by necessitating a recalculation in route- no problem when mom is driving).

4. He can still make me laugh - hard - about the silliest little things.

5. He hates trash day but somehow the process of cutting cardboard boxes into tiny squares is therapeutic for him.

6. He went to the gym with me on Saturday and was on the elliptical for 35 minutes. This is huge. You have no idea.

7. I can see little bits of him in each of my children and it keeps him with me even when he is far away.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I am amazed by how many things have brought the past to my mind lately. Is this middle age? When you start reminiscing about the "old days"? They're not all good, by the way, so I'm not going to even go there.

Our Pastor has a cute little shih tzu, black and white, who is fairly old and has been in failing health lately. This has brought so many strong memories flooding back of Kaylee dog. She was such a sweet beast. It made me think, having nursed her through her illness, of how God was preparing me for my role as caretaker now. There are many(!) more diapers but some of the battles are so similar it's almost shocking. I know, she was a dog. They're a lot like 2-year-olds in some aspects.

Second, this raising kids thing...I have finally procured all the components I needed (pins and props mostly) and I just looked outside to see this
To some, a mere clothesline. To me, so many great memories of my childhood. Days of running in the back yard and through the sheets on the line. The smell and feel of those same sheets on your bed that night. Wow, that's some amazing stuff. I hope, by creating this little bit of "country" in our corner of the city, my kids will have some equally wonderful memories one day.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Lyrics Lundi

Charlie's not allowed to comment on this one since he's probably the only one who knows it!
She's sweet on Wagner,
I think she'd die for Beethoven.
She loves the way Puccini lays down a tune
and Verdi's always creepin' from her room.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

to my beloved...

what great blessings we have received by letting God direct our lives :)

We love you lots and lots!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


We have begun some very casual homeschooling this summer with kid1 and kid2. Part of this experiment involves taking advantage of any possible "field trips" that might present themselves.

So, when DH told me he had a conference in Clarion on Wednesday of course we took the opportunity to tag along, drop him off, and head to Punxsutawney to visit the famous groundhog. We talked about Groundhog Day (did you know the whole "6 weeks of winter..." is from a Candlemas rhyme?) and all things groundhog (did you know a baby g-hog is called a "kit"?). Of course, we played at the playground and had a picnic as well...all work and no play ;)

We made it!!!

They had differently decorated groundhogs all through town. Cute!

Phil was napping but we still caught a glimpse

Inside the library - D sporting his groundhog mask :)

Fun at the park!

Stay tuned for our next adventure!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

I think one of the best things about moving from the townhouse to our very own, stand-alone home, is the yard. It's not big, but it is big enough for now. This weekend we cooked out and had a picnic for both dinners while the kids played in the pool or on the swing set before and after. I am really enjoying these weekends with absolutely "nothing to do". I pray we have many more over the next few months.

 We found this crazy pool/water playground in the basement from many years ago. Needless to say, it's quickly becoming outgrown.

 G-Man (now 13 lbs, 14 oz) has his first dip...
then promptly heads to the pod for a nap ;)
C enjoying the spoils of mommy's gym bag clean out. Yes, the Walkman was new technology the last time I was inside a gym (almost). LOL!

Friday, June 8, 2012

All grown up and no place to go

 Psych 1, Psych 2 What do you know?
All your life is Channel 13 Sesame Street
What does it mean?
I'll tell you what it means...

It means 8 weeks and time to head back to Weight Watchers and C25K. First night tonight, two miles, felt really good. I've actually missed the whole jogging thing. I'm not training for anything except hanging out with these small folk for 40 or 50 more years so I can drive them nuts like certain other "grannies" I know.

Joking...pretty much ;)

I am the mother of five small children.

So it took 8 weeks but I have finally realized that, most everywhere I go, I will have a little trail of children following me. I think that's ok. More than ok, I think it's exactly right. I can say that this has been the hardest adjustment since adding #2 although I'm not sure why. So, we'll take this day-by-day.

I'm sure this will sound a bit prideful but I don't intend it that way. Today I managed to get them all into the car, run errands, spend 90 minutes at the park (including lunch and nursing G), and back home all in one piece.

Instead of proud, I would say extremely thankful. On Tuesday, I took the smallest 4 to school Mass and managed, through all of that grace, to get to the end with no major incidents and actually pay attention somewhat to what was happening. I know there were a lot of stares when we took our parade up to Communion. That's ok. My biggest goal right now is to try new things (and perfect old things, like Mass) with our extra little person and hopefully enjoy the journey.

I can tell it's going to be a fun summer :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Coming soon to your public library...

Don't forget that most public libraries are starting their Summer Reading Programs. Take advantage of the opportunity and get the family reading!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

How we spent our Sunday

This was an a-typical weekend. We had a photo taken for our church directory Saturday morning and for some reason, I think because it was cooler, we decided to go to the vigil Mass. I'm not a huge fan because 5 PM is not a good time around here but we made it through. G and N slept the whole time and the other three were reasonable. Well, not blondie but, at 2, who is reasonable?

That opened up all of Saturday night and Sunday. Woo hoo, party ;0) As always, things happen for a reason. A friend called up to ask if her daughter could hang with us while the rest of the family took in a movie. What a wonderful evening! She is 12 and so gifted with smaller children. Our kids played games and laughed and had a great time for 3 hours...and with limited arguments! Needless to say, she'll be returning. I even had enough time to myself to make scratch cinnamon rolls. Well, almost. They didn't make it the whole way through the second rise because a certain little 13-pound cutie decided he needed a late-night snack. Who can say no to this?

Gosh is he cute. Sorry. I cannot resist little people when they start to smile. Ahh.

So, we stayed up WAAAY past our bedtime (I didn't go to sleep until midnight!) and slept in until 7:45 (the boys were threatened) and then found ourselves with a free day. Well, except for about 6 loads of laundry. Yes, I would rather not do that on Sunday but that is a discussion for another time.

Well. Where do we go on a beautiful Sunday when we have nothing to do?
The cemetery, of course. Actually it was dh's idea and a good one at that. I didn't even realize that G-man hadn't been there since his birth. It was wonderful as always. I know it's probably odd to a lot of you reading this but every time I see my kids running around, pointing out interesting names and racing to the tree and back, my childhood returns. It's not like we went all the time but I guess we went enough that it was burned into my conscience as a good memory. I want that for my kids. I want them to see the respect for previous generations and the honor of knowing your past and the completion of life on this earth, rather than being fearful. We'll see how that all works out in the end.