Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Serve one another

Last week was a busy one! So I don't forget, congratulations to #3, who cruised right through Beginner lessons and will be in Advanced Beginner with #2 in a few weeks. It is wonderful when the time arrives and the child is ready to pursue a goal. Sometimes I push the others and then I see one that is actually ready and think, why am I pushing them early? Society...boo on you ;0)

Of course she enjoyed herself on the last day...ug.

This was "fun day" in the deep end (thus the vest). He actually swims reasonably well without it.

Having gone through two weeks of lessons and an entire week of Maranatha (it was wonderful as always...worth the sleep deprivation), we promptly passed out early on Friday...Saturday was the day we'd all been waiting for!
We were up and out by 7:40 AM so that we could get our "favorite" seats at the Cathedral. They are the parents' favorite seats anyway, since a giant pillar slows down any little person prone to wander. Turns out the little people were quickly in dreamland but it's always good to prepare.

The big day had arrived...Ordination Day! Three men would become priests today and three men transitional deacons. We were here because we are blessed to be connected to one of the priests and one of the deacons. Adam is the son of our youngest's godparents and Ben has been our surly, devout, and always liturgically astute seminarian for the past year. We were full of joy to witness this major milestone in their vocation.

DH said it looks like some album cover for a German rock band. LOL. I like the Holy Family behind the not-quite-so-holy family (but then, they were two parents and only one, exceptional child)

The fish in the pond (look behind them in the above photo) were jumping like crazy...perhaps they also knew it was a special day.
Chatting with father-of-the-priest/godpapa before Mass began...see how nice and tidy he is? He did not look that way 4 hours later.
The Mass was only 3 hours so, with a nap, it wasn't unbearable. For those of us above the age of 10, it was amazing. What a beautiful thing to watch the established priests (and even those reasonably new) welcome the newest members of their vocation. It is a private club, for sure, yet how blessed we are that there are so many who are willing. What a glorious day to see the men who are not only called but who say "yes" and give their lives over to Christ and His Church. Wow.
This is a few years ago. The priest in the middle is our former (as of yesterday) Parochial Vicar, Fr. Ken. If you've never been to an Ordination, it gives you a good idea. It was a blessing to attend.

We didn't stay for the reception or new priest blessings. We knew we would see Fr. Adam later on and we were graced enough to be assigned a new priest to take Fr. Ken's place. That, in addition to the wonderful news that Deacon Ben would also return (woot, woot!).

Home, change, take #s 1-3 to Slovak language class. Cause, you know, why just hang out and have a nap? I was also dumb enough to run/walk a 5K while I was waiting (in the 88 degree/95% humidity afternoon). Yes, I do have friends with tiny children who run faster than me...I'm good with that ;0)

Back home, chill a bit then put the dress clothes back on...head out to the reception for Fr. Adam. What a wonderful evening. We got to share a table with the priest who baptized #2 then promptly moved away (perhaps he saw what was going to happen with this boy) and we all enjoyed a lovely Italian feast! The kids were even honored to sing The Magnificat with their friends as a gift to the Blessed Mother and new priest. They sang the version written by Fr. James Chepponis, who happened to be directing the Cathedral choir at the Ordination that very morning...don't you love the Holy Spirit?

I have no pictures of anything, sorry. I was just trying to soak up the moments as they happened... Oh, I do have two pictures and a funny story from the end of the night.

We were trying to make our exit quietly since the reception was still in full swing and we didn't want to disrupt anything. I was trying to do it then because, had we waited 10 minutes, it would have been our typical leave-with-hysterical-children-screaming-and-causing-a-scene-due-to-extreme-exhaustion. We almost made it.

A dear woman sitting at the table next to us jumps up and says, "Do you see her (#4's) dress? It's a perfect match with mine! How wonderful is that? You have to take a picture!" You can't say no to this person. You wouldn't want to. Her joy bubbles over and infects everyone in the immediate area.

After the photo op, she asked if the kids were allowed to have something, said, "let's see what I have in my purse," and proceeded to hand over a jumbo pack of glow sticks. It would take a mother of many kids to think about carrying such things around. They made for the perfect ending to such an amazing day...filled with God's love shown through so many different, wonderful servants.

The red, white and blue "fireflies" that came out just before bed.
Sunday was equally blessed. We attended the 11 AM Mass, the last for our beloved Fr. Ken. The kids have had such a wonderful time with him the last two years. They were able to substitute as altar servers and, apart from #1 nearly having a breakdown, it worked out wonderfully. It is sad to see him go but we know his new parish will benefit greatly from his role as Pastor.

We opted out of Adam's first Mass in his home parish because, after Saturday, we needed some solid family time. We found it at the pool. It's getting to be my favorite place.

papa bear and four of his cubs

little man and I needed to recover a bit from the busy week

We are blessed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It's my fault, I know

This week is Maranatha, an amazing vocation bible school (an hour's drive north) and the final week of swim lessons (for now). I know, I only have myself to blame but we are flat-out exhausted. Add in a GI bug we've been battling (some of us) for the week and it's not been pretty. Still, as always, it's worth it.
This year we have a Franciscan, a Spiritan, a Missionary of Charity, and a Benedictine (my personal fav)

We also have a helper in music...perfect fit

Learning the faith with friends...perfect

At least Fr. Pat can get an answer from him!
Tiny wasn't feeling so well yesterday

Thankfully, he looks like this again
Swimming, well, it's my very favorite thing to do. The weather has been amazing and #3 has made great strides in stroke formation. #s 1&2 are off swimming with friends and I'm walking around in the water, cooling off after three hours in the heat. Works for me.

They were both worn out today.
I'm worn out too. Last night I made the mistake of eating nachos and having a beer around 10 PM. It resulted in one of the oddest (later part)/funniest (first part) dreams I've had in a long time. It went like this.

I was at our church this coming Saturday, walking into the sanctuary to get the worship aids to put out. Our pastor was asleep behind the altar. I wasn't alarmed but I walked up and said, "Father, you need to wake up, Ordination is very soon." He looked at me, said, "yes" and proceeded to roll over and go back to sleep. I think I had to talk to him three or four times before he woke up.  - This is so funny to me because Ordination is this Saturday and while I'm sure our pastor is exhausted from all the happenings that go on with having a parishioner made a priest, the interaction was the exact one I had with #2 son yesterday morning (except he was sleeping in his bed, not behind the altar, clearly, and we were talking about VBS not Ordination).

Part two - I was walking back out of the church, through the new narthex (it seems they had to reshape that part of the church during the renovation and this is what they came up with...in the dream, not in reality). Just inside the door passing out of the church proper, there was a very old, very ornate looking machine. I don't know what to compare it to? A very small vending machine? (there were only two slots...they said "one hand" and "two hands"). I understood that this was where you went now to receive Communion; you put your hand over the slot (one or two it seems...I have no idea). I chose "two" and a bunch of gold hosts came out. I was stressing because I had just heard on EWTN radio that you shouldn't take Communion more than once a day outside of Mass (this was true, actually). Still, I couldn't find anyone to ask and they wouldn't go back into the machine so I just consumed them (I didn't want to walk around with them in my pocket). For some reason I went back into church and there was a woman walking around with her hands full of gold wrappers. Yes, the hosts were wrapped in gold like chocolate coins. So, now I have wrappers and hosts in my mouth.  I am very grateful to say I woke up at this point.

Like I said, I really need some sleep. LOL.

We are blessed.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Day Three: Home

Home is a good title for this because, truly, Stockbridge is beginning to feel more and more like home. Some people go to the beach every year (and, yes, I'd like that as well) but I think we'll probably make this a yearly goal. It would do my mom's heart good if I knew, once a year, we could "check in" with the Marian Fathers.

Wait. Before you start thinking I'm the mom who drags all these little kids to all these religious places without their input, not true. In this instance, at least. During bedtime prayers on Saturday night I said, "You know, we went to Vigil and you all did well, despite the cold, so we don't have to go to Mass in the morning. Still, Stockbridge is almost on the way and we wouldn't have to get up all that early to make it." There was a resounding "STOCKBRIDGE!". Case closed. They love it as much as I do. So, off we went.

My sweet little flowers between the two thorns ;0)

We had a chance to take a side trip to the Shrine of the Holy Innocents (under the outdoor pavilion)

To pray for all those sweet babes lost to this Earth

Did I mention this Mass was also outside? God had a message in that but I missed it.
At least we were early so we snagged some of the "under cover" seats. Now I know what the altar servers see!
Even with the wind and chill, it was a fantastic Mass to prepare for our long journey home. The priest presider (read his story, it's fantastic!) had such good words about the Gospel; in which Jesus dined at the home of the pharisee and the sinful woman anointed his feet. Father reminded us that, even though we made a pilgrimage and were sitting in the cold and damp, Jesus doesn't love us any more than the people who didn't. He loves all completely!

He also made the point that, even though there might possibly be adulterers or murders among us, none were likely to have done it so brazenly as David regarding Bathsheba and Uriah. He reminded us that we all owe a debt to God, some small and some very large, but we should all do more to be grateful for all of the things He has given to us.

I felt a wonderful connection to this priest (he's a Marian, right?) and the words he was saying really touched my heart. So, when I approached to receive Jesus in the Eucharist and was given a piece of the jagged, broken Host, my heart broke with gratitude. Among all the moments in one day, He comes so often to seek us and to receive our gratitude with His overwhelming love. Wow.

I won't say the 6 hours home were perfect but we made it back and were welcomed by a husband/father who clearly had missed us. Such a great pilgrimage and so good to be home.

We are blessed.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Day Two: Weather, Wilderness and Charity (Part Two)

Having our souls cleansed through confession at The Shrine of The Divine Mercy, we jumped in the car, headed back down the hill, and West to Fonda (Mohawk), NY to the National Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Shrine. I had no idea either, it came about in a rather roundabout way.

A week or so ago, I followed a link on another web page about another relic that was touring locally but which we missed. They had a lot of other relic tours listed (I don't have the link, sorry!) and I happened upon St. Maximilian Kolbe, who's relics were to be at the Tekakwitha Shrine on June 11th. It didn't look that far away on the map and it was within 90 minutes of Stockbridge...so, that's how we ended up there.
There was even a St. Kateri musuem

Tiny boy refused to be photographed. We were still a bit damp from earlier in the day but the reason for coming was upon us... Mass with veneration of the relics! The Mass was held in the outdoor pavilion...interesting on a 55 degree, soggy day, but I'm sure they didn't plan it that way.

It didn't really matter once the friar who was presiding began speaking about St. Maximilian Kolbe; how he immediately gave his life for someone he didn't even know. He didn't think about which man would be most deserving, he didn't interview the other prisoners, he just stepped forward. Father went on to say that we should be equally willing to step forward to sacrifice for others...not just those "in our circle" or those who seem worthy to us. Considering we were traveling and offering for six men, only two of whom we know, it was a nice reminder of our purpose after a long day.

It was an interesting altar to say the least. The reliquary with St. Maximilian's beard hairs is on the red draped table in front of the statue of St. Kateri. You can read more about the relics tour and the reliquary HERE

Having experience God's Mercy at The Divine Mercy Shrine then being blessed with the relics of the Martyr of Charity, we felt it was a good time to stop for the day. :0)

Of course, we hadn't eaten dinner yet and these little people usually aren't willing to choose sleep over food so we undertook one of our newest traveling traditions...hit the local grocery store for some takeout of whatever looks good. I think they chose coconut chicken, macaroni and cheese and a veggie tray. Works for me. A few episodes of Chopped and it was off to dreamland for our last hotel night. Tomorrow would see one last stop in Stockbridge (I have a small addiction), a favorite uncle then home to daddy.

We are blessed.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I love our pool

Free lunch and plenty of space. Perfect.

We are so blessed.

Passing on the truth

It's no secret that I'm not a big fan of social media...it's too quick and too easy to just make judgments about all sorts of things and everyone, everyone gets to have their say...informed or not. Still, if you happen to have an account, perhaps you can pass along this article.


Yes, that's right, all the gay haters at Chick-fil-a in Orlando opened their doors on God's day to do God's work...show support and compassion for those recovering from the nightclub shooting.

Life is full of froth and bubble, folks. Let's try to at least pass on good news when we see it (and if there is some spin out there that makes this underhanded in some way...please ignore it.) Satan is strong but God is stronger. Call on Him.

We are blessed.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day Two: Weather, Wilderness and Charity

Saturday morning dawned cool (44 degrees) and rainy. I was grateful to not have 8 hours of driving ahead of me like I did the day prior. This morning, we were headed to Stockbridge, a mere 60 minute hop to the East.

If you've never been, The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy is another must-see. I didn't think we would make it back in this Jubilee Year of Mercy so I was extra grateful for the opportunity. First stop, the gift shop (because there is a bathroom across the hall but also because we had some gifts to choose...birthday, ordination, thank you, farewell). We made our selections and headed back down the hill in search of lunch.

We found it in the form of The Stockbridge General Store which houses the Main Street Cafe. It is as quaint as it sounds and had some really good food. I chose the grilled pear and brie sandwich. Yum.

They chose split pea soup and oatmeal respectively. It was the perfect day for a belly full of warm. (The boys were here, just crabby, so they don't get a picture)

While we were lunching we heard a crack and saw lightning at exactly the same moment. It was then that the heavens opened (well, if heaven is full of rainwater, I guess).

We sat in the general store for about 10 minutes after finishing our lunch but eventually, despite the rivers flowing down the sidewalk, we had to head out. God is good, we made it to the car with only wet hems and shoes and no one fell! Back up the hill we went. (The Shrine sits on "Eden Hill" which cracks up #1 every.single.time)

A shout out to our favorite deacon on his fifth anniversary :0)

We went back up the hill because Confession was going to begin in about 25 minutes. Let's remember that it's been a downpour for almost an hour and there is a 5+ minute walk from the car to the Shrine. Somehow it didn't matter because we made the walk, entered the Holy Door, and were amazed...
the place was full. There was no tour bus, it was just full of individuals driving cars, coming to Confession/Adoration/Mass. There were four priests hearing confessions and the lines were still 10-15 people deep. It is an amazing, holy place.

After Exposition, as I was waiting in line for confession, a man came in with six kids. The oldest may have been 10 or 11 but the baby was about 3. He left them in the front pew and proceeded to stand in line with us. After about 10 minutes (this was no drive-thru sacrament...plenty of time spent per penitent) the baby and his next older brother started getting a little rowdy. The man went back up to sit with them, corrected them quietly, then knelt to pray while he waited for the line to move.

I had been offering prayers to Our Lady to help the kids find some peace but, when I moved in line beside the father, I felt so strongly, I leaned over and said, "I'm praying for you. I have five about their ages and I do know it's so hard sometimes."

The Holy Spirit, as you know, is not going to waste a moment like this. He's either going to use it to teach me humility or to make some fantastic connection. Since I was standing in a soaked dress and soggy shoes, He chose the latter. Thank you, Lord :0)

It turns out that this man has sole custody of his six children and, in the last year or two, returned to the Church and had them all baptized. He told me, when they were all little he went to a Christian church, thinking it was better than nothing, because he just couldn't keep them quiet. He heard a strong call and returned, all Thanks to God! He also just finished his two-year degree (which took him 7 because he was working, fathering, and schooling, all at one time). Please pray for him and all those like him who take on so much difficulty to lead their kids to heaven. Wow, I was so blessed to meet this man!

Finally, it was our turn. I say "our" because my "baby" wouldn't sit quietly either (all thanks to God again for allowing the blonde to pass out in the pew, closely guarded by her wonder twin ;0) ). Both times I have sought Confession at this shrine, it has clearly been Jesus sitting across from me. The priest had empathy, reality and mercy all rolled into one. He also kept chuckling because tiny decided he'd use the kneeler to say some prayers while he was waiting. It happened to be this kneeler.

How blessed we were by this experience. I know, 20 years ago, I would have eaten my lunch and headed back to the hotel to get out of the rain. How wonderful that we have a God so full of rewards for us making the smallest effort to seek Him and His Mercy! Having just renewed my Consecration to Jesus through Mary, I am doubly pleased that Our Lady will use all of this Mercy to shower those who are in greatest need. I am certain she will pay special attention to the family in the front pew.

After we were all again assembled outside (it took #1 and #2 a full 45 minutes to get through their line) #2 said, "Father told me I should spend time praying to St. Maximilian Kolbe for you to have more patience." Hmmm...it's like he knew where we were headed :0)

Since I'm still catching up with laundry and sleep, I'll leave you with another cliff hanger.

We are blessed.

Monday, June 13, 2016

We're home!

Even though today we jumped right back into the routine (and added swimming lessons because I'm dumb like that) I think everyone is happy to be home. We are full of good memories of the blessings received during our latest, short but meaningful, pilgrimage.

I should preface this by saying our journey was, mostly, to pray for the upcoming ordinations of the priests and deacons in our diocese. In a few weeks, they will undertake this momentous transformation (little boy talks as if a magic wand is involved...God has all sorts of great things up His sleeve!). We wanted to visit some churches, say some prayers, and hopefully gather some graces for their upcoming vows.

Friday was originally planned as a two-church/Holy-Door-visit-then-straight-to-the-hotel. It was, at least, until I realized how close it is to Canada! So, the 12 hours went something like this:

Leave early when DH headed to work for a meeting, drive North for three hours, land in Buffalo

The Cathedral of St. Joseph

It had a Holy Door that was, again, unlike the others (I think this is becoming my favorite part). There was a beautiful painting of Jesus on one side of the door that, upon further reflection, was even more interesting.
I couldn't find an exact explanation but it seems that it was decoupage of the order of the Mass and some hymns that were then painted over. So beautiful. So meaningful.

The organ was also pretty special
Way to represent, Philly! Woot, woot! Read all about it HERE

Of course, it is a Cathedral so we have no end of fun looking at the Cathedra and comparing the Coats of Arms. 

If only I had my nice camera (in the trunk) and not my crummy phone. Oh well.

We were off again, heading to a basilica this time, because I had switched the order and gone the wrong place first. We were hoping to catch Mass before heading North, and so we did. A lot more as well. It's almost like we were supposed to be here for an extended time, like Mass, oh, and Exposition and Adoration. Ahem.

The Basilica of Our Lady of Victory

Driving up, on a normal (if kind of bad-neighborhood-ish) city street, suddenly you see this ginormous copper dome with 18-foot-high angels! at the corners.

From the parking lot, half a block away. This is the BACK. The front is just, well...

We walked around the front to come in through the Holy Door (I know you can only accrue one indulgence a day but, since all my good works go to Our Lady to distribute, I'll let her figure it out). Even on any-normal-non-Jubilee-year-day it would be a kind of life-altering experience.

Again, crummy camera but, wow. I've never been to Rome but I'm guessing all the churches are like this. I walked in, sat down, and just wept. It was that overwhelming. The beauty, majesty and holiness were...well, you can look at it HERE but, truthfully, if you are anywhere near Buffalo, you should just go yourself. 

After Mass (Communion was fun...trying to explain who gets the Eucharist and who doesn't...why can't these kids be different sizes?), Exposition and Adoration, we begrudgingly got into the car to carry on our trip. 

You know this part of the trip already:

The Peace Bridge from Buffalo
I haven't been since I was #1's age so I was all giddy and excited as well. Turns out parking is expensive and far away so we missed our lunch reservation but food was not in the forefront of anyone's mind. How could it be when you are face-to-face with God's grandeur?
Little man was suspicious the entire time

Unless he was all-out ornery

Did you know Niagara Falls is actually three waterfalls? I didn't.

Blondie said, "that's God making that happen!" Amen, sister.

As we worked our way back to the car, #1 declared, "well, that was way better than the Corn Palace!" Lol. I agree. 

Transitioning back to the US (via the Rainbow Bridge this time) we were held up, but not in a bad way. My apologies to the cars waiting behind us. It seems the sweet New York border guard was enamored with a certain little boy in our back seat. She even called over the guard from the next lane, insisting he "check out this little boy...he's so cute!". Oh well, he is, no need to make an international incident over it ;0)

Once everyone agreed to the adorableness of our little man, we headed southwest, all the way to Albany (almost) to have some sleep and prepare for Saturday. We had crossed some Holy thresholds and hopefully gathered some graces today but Saturday, well, it was the best day yet.

Stay tuned. (we're currently in an original Batman phase but I'll spare you...)

We are blessed.  

Friday, June 10, 2016

Cause, you know, the passports haven't expired yet

we took a short jaunt North
Much fun but grateful to be in the hotel. More fun tomorrow,  updates next week. Have a fantastic weekend.
We are blessed!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My quiet morning

With the baby things heading out the door (walker, crib, etc.) my mind is wandering to that place when my babies will have flown the nest (or most, anyway, #3 "will never, ever, live anywhere else"...I doubt I would mind that).

Today the younger four are at a morning program and #1 is helping her grandmother. I longed to have a pot of coffee and finish my new book but I always feel like there is so much to do. Today it was...

- go through the suits/goggles to see if everyone has what they need for swim lessons next week

- go through the black boots to see if we have five pair to fit five children next month for the show at Kennywood (I am grateful that, sometimes, I just buy every size that's available and know that this day will come)

- go through the gym shoes to see if the top 4 have something that might work for running camp that starts in two weeks. Alas, running shoes are harder to come by around here. Why don't they make them with steel toes? I have three pair that are showing respective socks at the moment :0(

- take a walk to the post office to certify and mail the affidavits for the coming school year. Three more weeks of vacation!

- assemble two more bags (plus a walker) to take to the mission after pickup. Every time I look at that walker it brings me joy so, no, I never ask that. I just look at my house and know we have waaayyyy too much stuff that other people who have so much less could use.

There is so much more but my time is up. I am sad that my babies are growing but, truly, it's nice to have these small snatches of time to get something, anything done. It's equally nice, having finished a reasonable amount of work this morning, that I can now open myself to the many stories that will flow from being away from one another this morning.

We are blessed.

Friday, June 3, 2016


There has been a lot, A LOT of drama around here lately. Luckily from outside our humble abode but, nonetheless, it still creeps in at the worst moment. DH, being who he is and having been with me for a long time now, created a "bumper sticker" just for the last few days...

I know, right? He's such a brilliant mind sometimes...lol. Truthfully, though, it's one of those ahem moments because, today, I was praying to be pleasantly surprised and what do you know...

Group Projects

The only group project I have ever been successful not a complete failure with is marriage/parenting and I'm sure there are plenty of people who would like to have a dissenting opinion on my handling of those as well (see "mom" below). So, when I tried my best to dance away from a group project last month and it ended up back in my lap earlier this week, well, let's just say it was the last thing I wanted to deal with just then.

That isn't entirely true. I love the project. I believe in the project. I know there is a complete and total need for the project. Which is why I went ahead and did my best work, even if no one would ever see the result. (I was praying to be pleasant...I had already acknowledged failure)

Yes, ahem, I misjudged that situation. It wasn't a barn-burning success but it was a success. It achieved the purpose it was meant to and we even had support that I hadn't counted on (I was pleasantly surprised)

My Mom 

I love my mom, truly. However, having raised her own five children, she has a keen sense of where she made the mistakes and she is not shy about pointing out where I need to alter course. It's funny, actually, because I consider myself a fairly well-raised child but, whatever. There are days, like when she's been away, that I don't want to jump back in and listen to her commentary about anything and everything.

I know that's the wrong way to approach this (she's my mom and she's turning and 80 and, well, time is of the essence). So, I called her up this morning and asked if we could take her to lunch at the local restaurant that was again running the Summer $0.99 kids meal deal (I was praying to be present and pleasant). 

What a wonderful lunch we all had. The kids had fun catching up with Grammy and I even got the information I needed to plan the very important birthday celebration next month. Yay. 

Being the weird homeschoolers 

Today was the closing Mass for our parish school. The auxiliary bishop was presiding and, even if he wasn't, I do like school Mass because the kids usually take away something good from the homily.

I'm never thrilled with walking into a school Mass, though. My top two went to school for a few years before we pulled them out to educate them at home. It was never the school, it was totally me. Still, there are people on the other side who don't get the whole departure and take it personally. If you know me, you know I'm not a socially competent person. This situation makes it soooo much worse. Still, I wanted to go, so we did (I was praying to be pleasantly surprised).

We walked in and #1's best friend from first grade ran up to say "hello" and catch up. After that, one of the teachers stopped by to greet us. There were warm smiles from a few families we knew when we were there every day. It was a pleasant surprise. It was also a fantastic homily and a great Mass with the bishop. Triple bonus.

You may notice there are no photos of my day. I think the biggest grace of the last 12 hours has been the ability to just "be" with my kids. There is a kindness to vacation. No pressing schoolwork or activities; just time to spend with one another talking, listening and being. 

Today is World Priest Day so, if you haven't, please say some prayers (or a rosary, chaplet, whatever you'd like) for these men who dedicate their lives to bringing Christ to others. 

Now, since you've been patient, something to look at:

Because, without priests, we will starve to death

Patron Saint of parish priests...and all-around brilliant man
I just liked it a lot because it's easy to be led astray in all well-meaning (and, you know, he's a "Great" after all)
 We are blessed.