Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It's my fault, I know

This week is Maranatha, an amazing vocation bible school (an hour's drive north) and the final week of swim lessons (for now). I know, I only have myself to blame but we are flat-out exhausted. Add in a GI bug we've been battling (some of us) for the week and it's not been pretty. Still, as always, it's worth it.
This year we have a Franciscan, a Spiritan, a Missionary of Charity, and a Benedictine (my personal fav)

We also have a helper in music...perfect fit

Learning the faith with friends...perfect

At least Fr. Pat can get an answer from him!
Tiny wasn't feeling so well yesterday

Thankfully, he looks like this again
Swimming, well, it's my very favorite thing to do. The weather has been amazing and #3 has made great strides in stroke formation. #s 1&2 are off swimming with friends and I'm walking around in the water, cooling off after three hours in the heat. Works for me.

They were both worn out today.
I'm worn out too. Last night I made the mistake of eating nachos and having a beer around 10 PM. It resulted in one of the oddest (later part)/funniest (first part) dreams I've had in a long time. It went like this.

I was at our church this coming Saturday, walking into the sanctuary to get the worship aids to put out. Our pastor was asleep behind the altar. I wasn't alarmed but I walked up and said, "Father, you need to wake up, Ordination is very soon." He looked at me, said, "yes" and proceeded to roll over and go back to sleep. I think I had to talk to him three or four times before he woke up.  - This is so funny to me because Ordination is this Saturday and while I'm sure our pastor is exhausted from all the happenings that go on with having a parishioner made a priest, the interaction was the exact one I had with #2 son yesterday morning (except he was sleeping in his bed, not behind the altar, clearly, and we were talking about VBS not Ordination).

Part two - I was walking back out of the church, through the new narthex (it seems they had to reshape that part of the church during the renovation and this is what they came up the dream, not in reality). Just inside the door passing out of the church proper, there was a very old, very ornate looking machine. I don't know what to compare it to? A very small vending machine? (there were only two slots...they said "one hand" and "two hands"). I understood that this was where you went now to receive Communion; you put your hand over the slot (one or two it seems...I have no idea). I chose "two" and a bunch of gold hosts came out. I was stressing because I had just heard on EWTN radio that you shouldn't take Communion more than once a day outside of Mass (this was true, actually). Still, I couldn't find anyone to ask and they wouldn't go back into the machine so I just consumed them (I didn't want to walk around with them in my pocket). For some reason I went back into church and there was a woman walking around with her hands full of gold wrappers. Yes, the hosts were wrapped in gold like chocolate coins. So, now I have wrappers and hosts in my mouth.  I am very grateful to say I woke up at this point.

Like I said, I really need some sleep. LOL.

We are blessed.

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  1. Hey, I know that music helper! The Kobles helped with our RCIA.

    Wish we could join you all this week. I recently came across a picture of all of them in front of that sign with the orders. What an amazing program!

    Your last dream- lol!

    Get some rest! Xo.