Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My quiet morning

With the baby things heading out the door (walker, crib, etc.) my mind is wandering to that place when my babies will have flown the nest (or most, anyway, #3 "will never, ever, live anywhere else"...I doubt I would mind that).

Today the younger four are at a morning program and #1 is helping her grandmother. I longed to have a pot of coffee and finish my new book but I always feel like there is so much to do. Today it was...

- go through the suits/goggles to see if everyone has what they need for swim lessons next week

- go through the black boots to see if we have five pair to fit five children next month for the show at Kennywood (I am grateful that, sometimes, I just buy every size that's available and know that this day will come)

- go through the gym shoes to see if the top 4 have something that might work for running camp that starts in two weeks. Alas, running shoes are harder to come by around here. Why don't they make them with steel toes? I have three pair that are showing respective socks at the moment :0(

- take a walk to the post office to certify and mail the affidavits for the coming school year. Three more weeks of vacation!

- assemble two more bags (plus a walker) to take to the mission after pickup. Every time I look at that walker it brings me joy so, no, I never ask that. I just look at my house and know we have waaayyyy too much stuff that other people who have so much less could use.

There is so much more but my time is up. I am sad that my babies are growing but, truly, it's nice to have these small snatches of time to get something, anything done. It's equally nice, having finished a reasonable amount of work this morning, that I can now open myself to the many stories that will flow from being away from one another this morning.

We are blessed.

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