Friday, June 3, 2016


There has been a lot, A LOT of drama around here lately. Luckily from outside our humble abode but, nonetheless, it still creeps in at the worst moment. DH, being who he is and having been with me for a long time now, created a "bumper sticker" just for the last few days...

I know, right? He's such a brilliant mind Truthfully, though, it's one of those ahem moments because, today, I was praying to be pleasantly surprised and what do you know...

Group Projects

The only group project I have ever been successful not a complete failure with is marriage/parenting and I'm sure there are plenty of people who would like to have a dissenting opinion on my handling of those as well (see "mom" below). So, when I tried my best to dance away from a group project last month and it ended up back in my lap earlier this week, well, let's just say it was the last thing I wanted to deal with just then.

That isn't entirely true. I love the project. I believe in the project. I know there is a complete and total need for the project. Which is why I went ahead and did my best work, even if no one would ever see the result. (I was praying to be pleasant...I had already acknowledged failure)

Yes, ahem, I misjudged that situation. It wasn't a barn-burning success but it was a success. It achieved the purpose it was meant to and we even had support that I hadn't counted on (I was pleasantly surprised)

My Mom 

I love my mom, truly. However, having raised her own five children, she has a keen sense of where she made the mistakes and she is not shy about pointing out where I need to alter course. It's funny, actually, because I consider myself a fairly well-raised child but, whatever. There are days, like when she's been away, that I don't want to jump back in and listen to her commentary about anything and everything.

I know that's the wrong way to approach this (she's my mom and she's turning and 80 and, well, time is of the essence). So, I called her up this morning and asked if we could take her to lunch at the local restaurant that was again running the Summer $0.99 kids meal deal (I was praying to be present and pleasant). 

What a wonderful lunch we all had. The kids had fun catching up with Grammy and I even got the information I needed to plan the very important birthday celebration next month. Yay. 

Being the weird homeschoolers 

Today was the closing Mass for our parish school. The auxiliary bishop was presiding and, even if he wasn't, I do like school Mass because the kids usually take away something good from the homily.

I'm never thrilled with walking into a school Mass, though. My top two went to school for a few years before we pulled them out to educate them at home. It was never the school, it was totally me. Still, there are people on the other side who don't get the whole departure and take it personally. If you know me, you know I'm not a socially competent person. This situation makes it soooo much worse. Still, I wanted to go, so we did (I was praying to be pleasantly surprised).

We walked in and #1's best friend from first grade ran up to say "hello" and catch up. After that, one of the teachers stopped by to greet us. There were warm smiles from a few families we knew when we were there every day. It was a pleasant surprise. It was also a fantastic homily and a great Mass with the bishop. Triple bonus.

You may notice there are no photos of my day. I think the biggest grace of the last 12 hours has been the ability to just "be" with my kids. There is a kindness to vacation. No pressing schoolwork or activities; just time to spend with one another talking, listening and being. 

Today is World Priest Day so, if you haven't, please say some prayers (or a rosary, chaplet, whatever you'd like) for these men who dedicate their lives to bringing Christ to others. 

Now, since you've been patient, something to look at:

Because, without priests, we will starve to death

Patron Saint of parish priests...and all-around brilliant man
I just liked it a lot because it's easy to be led astray in all well-meaning (and, you know, he's a "Great" after all)
 We are blessed.

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