Friday, June 17, 2016

Day Three: Home

Home is a good title for this because, truly, Stockbridge is beginning to feel more and more like home. Some people go to the beach every year (and, yes, I'd like that as well) but I think we'll probably make this a yearly goal. It would do my mom's heart good if I knew, once a year, we could "check in" with the Marian Fathers.

Wait. Before you start thinking I'm the mom who drags all these little kids to all these religious places without their input, not true. In this instance, at least. During bedtime prayers on Saturday night I said, "You know, we went to Vigil and you all did well, despite the cold, so we don't have to go to Mass in the morning. Still, Stockbridge is almost on the way and we wouldn't have to get up all that early to make it." There was a resounding "STOCKBRIDGE!". Case closed. They love it as much as I do. So, off we went.

My sweet little flowers between the two thorns ;0)

We had a chance to take a side trip to the Shrine of the Holy Innocents (under the outdoor pavilion)

To pray for all those sweet babes lost to this Earth

Did I mention this Mass was also outside? God had a message in that but I missed it.
At least we were early so we snagged some of the "under cover" seats. Now I know what the altar servers see!
Even with the wind and chill, it was a fantastic Mass to prepare for our long journey home. The priest presider (read his story, it's fantastic!) had such good words about the Gospel; in which Jesus dined at the home of the pharisee and the sinful woman anointed his feet. Father reminded us that, even though we made a pilgrimage and were sitting in the cold and damp, Jesus doesn't love us any more than the people who didn't. He loves all completely!

He also made the point that, even though there might possibly be adulterers or murders among us, none were likely to have done it so brazenly as David regarding Bathsheba and Uriah. He reminded us that we all owe a debt to God, some small and some very large, but we should all do more to be grateful for all of the things He has given to us.

I felt a wonderful connection to this priest (he's a Marian, right?) and the words he was saying really touched my heart. So, when I approached to receive Jesus in the Eucharist and was given a piece of the jagged, broken Host, my heart broke with gratitude. Among all the moments in one day, He comes so often to seek us and to receive our gratitude with His overwhelming love. Wow.

I won't say the 6 hours home were perfect but we made it back and were welcomed by a husband/father who clearly had missed us. Such a great pilgrimage and so good to be home.

We are blessed.

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