Thursday, June 16, 2016

Day Two: Weather, Wilderness and Charity (Part Two)

Having our souls cleansed through confession at The Shrine of The Divine Mercy, we jumped in the car, headed back down the hill, and West to Fonda (Mohawk), NY to the National Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Shrine. I had no idea either, it came about in a rather roundabout way.

A week or so ago, I followed a link on another web page about another relic that was touring locally but which we missed. They had a lot of other relic tours listed (I don't have the link, sorry!) and I happened upon St. Maximilian Kolbe, who's relics were to be at the Tekakwitha Shrine on June 11th. It didn't look that far away on the map and it was within 90 minutes of, that's how we ended up there.
There was even a St. Kateri musuem

Tiny boy refused to be photographed. We were still a bit damp from earlier in the day but the reason for coming was upon us... Mass with veneration of the relics! The Mass was held in the outdoor pavilion...interesting on a 55 degree, soggy day, but I'm sure they didn't plan it that way.

It didn't really matter once the friar who was presiding began speaking about St. Maximilian Kolbe; how he immediately gave his life for someone he didn't even know. He didn't think about which man would be most deserving, he didn't interview the other prisoners, he just stepped forward. Father went on to say that we should be equally willing to step forward to sacrifice for others...not just those "in our circle" or those who seem worthy to us. Considering we were traveling and offering for six men, only two of whom we know, it was a nice reminder of our purpose after a long day.

It was an interesting altar to say the least. The reliquary with St. Maximilian's beard hairs is on the red draped table in front of the statue of St. Kateri. You can read more about the relics tour and the reliquary HERE

Having experience God's Mercy at The Divine Mercy Shrine then being blessed with the relics of the Martyr of Charity, we felt it was a good time to stop for the day. :0)

Of course, we hadn't eaten dinner yet and these little people usually aren't willing to choose sleep over food so we undertook one of our newest traveling traditions...hit the local grocery store for some takeout of whatever looks good. I think they chose coconut chicken, macaroni and cheese and a veggie tray. Works for me. A few episodes of Chopped and it was off to dreamland for our last hotel night. Tomorrow would see one last stop in Stockbridge (I have a small addiction), a favorite uncle then home to daddy.

We are blessed.

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