Monday, April 14, 2014

Passing time

Life is funny. This morning I came to Magee hospital with my aunt. She is having a hysterectomy with suspicion of endometrial cancer.  Thanks in advance for the prayers.
After finishing my rosary and prayers to Sts. Michael and Peregrine, I went back to my reading

This was in the library return bin so I just grabbed it. For the most part it is poorly written and silly. The main character falls during a spin class and loses 10 years of her memory. I will be returning it before I am done reading but it did bring the full circle to my day's journey. It made me think
 about my previous decade of life.

It was a little under ten years ago that DH and I became well aquainted with this hospital. As old people seeking pregnancy we were immediately made patients of an infertility specialist.  Time was very short for us and couldn't be waisted! So we spent many mornings here making conception a medical procedure.  We continually refused the technology that went against our faith (sometimes politely sometimes not) and we left the office for the last time as the joyful parents of twins.

As you know, that level of joy passed when we realized how precious and fleeting life can be. 

We returned once more a few weeks later for a high risk ultrasound of our remaining child. Time stood still as the geneticist spoke of the nuchal thickening and the increased chance of abnormalities.  Lucky for us we could just go upstairs to take care of that and go back to our life. Thankfully that option was never a possibility in our minds and 8 months later we welcomed our beautiful baby girl.

The ten years following have been a blur of joys and sorrows...welcoming new life and saying goodbye. It shocks me to think my dear uncle has been gone over four years but i am grateful that only he and Bernadette have left us during that decade. Are we on the threshold of another loss? Only God knows. We can only wait and pray for the grace to do His will.

So I will wait...and pray...and renew my gratitude for all the joys and trials of the last ten years. Grateful for friends and family and the constant care of our Heavenly Father.

We are blessed.

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