Sunday, April 13, 2014

Birthday Boy

It sort of boggles my mind that our baby was born two years ago. Two years! Wow, that was kind of quick, even for me. I can say it's been a whole lot of fun with this sweet muffin. While I'm still kind of sad that he is likely the last; I can't imagine one better with which to end. He has been a blessing for the last twenty-four months and we look forward, God willing, to many, many more days of watching him grow and change.

Happy birthday, Mr. G!

You may recall, he was on the big side...even for our bunch

they didn't have the extra large hats that day ;0)

Our previously "biggest baby" was dwarfed by this guy!
Now, this two-year-old loves Cookie



and all things funny. Luckily he has at least four funny things around him all day long.
I'm not sure if it's the shared birthday month or similar personality or they sat beside one another on the white couch but these brothers...
are inseparable. 
What a wonderful thing to watch them grow together. 

We are blessed.
Wishing you all a blessed Palm Sunday and a faith-filled, meaningful Holy Week. One more week!

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