Friday, April 25, 2014

Party Central!

For most of the last month, our house has looked like some version of this...
We have two birthdays ourselves, added to an extra "party" with friends and a friend's daughter's party today...oh, and then Holy Week and Easter of course - it's a regular fiesta these days!

Seriously, who knew so many people's birthdays fall in this month? I think having it like this makes everyone happier. Perhaps we'll start renting out our first floor to small functions. Sounds like a great SAHM business opportunity ;0)

In the meantime, we were so blessed to reconnect with some wonderful friends today to celebrate the impressive accomplishment of completing a PhD and equally as impressive, the birthday of a sweet 4-year-old girl. 
I watched the youngest two while mom took the older two to commencement to watch dad. What an incredible blessing. Having our two favorite "like us" families visit this month has been so bittersweet. Wonderful to see them for a short while but sad to see them go. I did enjoy my 7 kids for a few hours today (including 2 sets of near-twins) and yes I'm about to have a glass of wine now that it's all over.

C with her sous chef


Taking a break with Veggie Tails and popcorn 

Arts and Crafts 

Chatting with friends

Aren't they so adorable

Seriously...sweetest boys ever!

The day ended with a pizza party and some awesome cake (no, I only make two a's better this way, trust me!). What an amazing day with some very special people. I'm thinking we need a beach/meet-the-new-baby visit this Fall!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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