Monday, April 21, 2014

Lent...kid stuff

This is the first year I feel like a lot of my kids "got" Lent. The two littlest, of course, were not that clued in but the older three did well. In addition to the work-to-donate exercise, we tried to be more hands-on with some of the big lessons. Here are a few. Most (if not all) are thanks to Lacy at She's just awesome!

Crown of Thorns Pretzel

You're supposed to use a bread recipe and you're supposed to do this on Good Friday. Well, our Good Friday was too filled with "homemade fish fry" (read deep battered fish and shrimp) so I didn't really think adding the extra carbs on a fasting day was a great idea. Since Kellie's pretzels are easier and better than bread, we use that recipe a lot these days. We had our crown with dinner on Thursday. It worked out well and got our minds in the mood for the Passion.

before we bake...

put in the pretzel sticks at the end and voila!
Good Friday Scripture Lunch

Lacy again...what would we do without her? This was an amazing teaching tool. We took our time and worked through each symbol while DH read the appropriate scripture verse. We had some lovely discussions about Judas and Peter (one asked forgiveness and was saved, the other succumbed to despair) and the kids were still talking about it the next day. Yes, there were a lot of "sweets" for Good Friday but since everyone is under 9, we let it slide. Oh, I added licorice whips because someone asked about what "stripes" meant.


Dyeing Eggs

This is, by far, one of my favorite past times. We did it as kids (and well into our later youth and adulthood) and I look forward to our kids passing it on if they have little people. It's lovely to have pretty eggs to place in the basket for the food blessing on Saturday and if you need a "religious" reason (even if it's probably only legend, yes, Lacy again!). I also found this article which gives significance to specific colors. No wonder this top one was our favorite!
Faith and Trust! Great reminder that Divine Mercy Sunday (and a pretty special canonization ceremony) are next Sunday...hope you're all having a big celebration like we're going to attempt! Stay tuned...I'm not that talented with puff pastry and I'm trying and failing to mesh Polish and Italian into one happy brunch ;0)

We are blessed. Happy Easter Monday!

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