Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blessed Day :0)

I am pretty aware of my blessings each day because I've been making a greater effort to concentrate on that. Not that I don't have my days of being totally oblivious and "poor me" as well. Thankfully those are less as of late. Even when I'm struggling I try to be thankful for the struggle because it will give me something to offer for someone else.

I digress (often, you know).

Yesterday was one of those days when, even if I were not trying to live in the moment and appreciate blessings as they came, I would still have some clear evidence of how grateful I should be for a Creator who showers me with so much more than I deserve.

1. Little Mr. G had a "really good day" (according to his helper) at Mom's Day Out. That may not seem like much and, if he hadn't, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Still, I'm happy for him. He is more than socialized with his siblings but it's still kind of nice when he can go hang out with the other short people for a while.

2. Living Stations. The Catholic School puts these on each year and the kids beg to go from the beginning of each Lent ("is it downstairs stations this week?" - they are held in the church under the main church). It is so moving to watch Christ's Passion acted out. For those who are more stalwart, Mr. G helped by crying out "Jesus, cry...Jesus, cry" at the intense moments. I'm not sure anyone stayed strong through that. I didn't.

3. Faraway friends. We had been anticipating this visit for some time and it didn't disappoint. My dear friend, beginning to blossom with new life, her delightfully funny husband, their adorable children (I like them all but that baby is a sweet pea for sure). How blessed we all were heading to bed last night with happy memories of time spent with such wonderful people.

baby makeovers

Lego land

little people makeovers

bigger little people makeovers

I'm happy about concentrating on finding the good. The visit yesterday coincided with my last scheduled liquid-fast day for 40 days for life. I could have canceled but I always figure, if you pass on something like a birthday feast (I did have pizza for breakfast this morning!) it's an even more powerful statement. Prior to my looking-for-good attitude, fasting was so difficult for me. It's still not a simple thing, it shouldn't be, but at least now I see the other side...the side that benefits those I don't even know. I am so blessed.

Enjoy the sun. It's so beautiful today.

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  1. Thank you for a blessed visit. We miss you and are looking forward to a late summer visit from the Roccos!