Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lucky Number Seven

Everyone says "I can't believe it's been (enter number) years since he was born!" Well, I sort of can with this one. If anything, it feels like about fifteen. I suppose we should have known when he was breech and "stuck" under my ribcage - nothing would go easily where he is involved. Not that I would trade him, ever. Still, I wish there were more of the loving-little-boy days and fewer of the pre-teen glimpses. I suppose I should be thankful for the practice!

Let me just say "I can't believe it's been five years since you were TWO!" That is true. I vividly remember little chubby, curly-haired boy.
Can't help but notice, the cake was better then too. Ahh, the joy of only two children. The amazing things you can accomplish!

Of course, siblings are far more important than cakes so I'll take the way we are now. I think, most days, he would too. I am so proud of my highly-emotional, deeply-loyal, art-loving boy.
Happy birthday, first-born son. You are loved so very much!
It's a Lego brick...with cupcakes (chocolate bricks/Lego men on top) forming a "7"...promise!
We are blessed.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Dom! I hope he's had a splendid day!