Saturday, April 26, 2014

life is beautiful

I'm not sure if it comes through in my blog but sometimes society bugs me ;0) The emphasis on the secular pushes me toward despair and I don't really require any more assistance in that area. So, when there is an event hosted by a Catholic church that doesn't involve Santa or The Bunny, we're there...even if we have to drive 30 minutes (sigh...we need more on this side of the tunnels!)

It was held here...the first clue it might be right up our alley!

It was an amazing morning. A pro-life egg hunt to raise money for Genesis of Pittsburgh. I am so grateful that so many people showed up and they were able to raise so much money for such a good cause. It was our official first egg hunt! It won't be our last :0) (Yes, it is "legal" and even preferable to have egg hunts after Easter Sunday since Easter is a whole season, not just a day...I had to explain this to another mother at dance practice on Tuesday - yes, she's Catholic)

We went through registration and picked up these spiffy bags to hold all the eggs we could carry. The pro-abortion people call this "propaganda" but it's such a beautiful thing to see little people walking around carrying these.
Then, the rules were explained (after the hunt, you have to open the eggs to dump your loot in the bag so that they can reuse the eggs next year). Interspersed in the rules was a beautiful presentation (about 3 minutes long - perfect) about how God made us each in His image and how that makes us special and important and how we are called to use our special gifts. Oh, did I mention that this is put on by high school students? Wow.

Then...the hunt was on! They broke up the kids (aged 2-12) into age groups, the higher ages having a more difficult area in which to hunt. It was genius. I hear our tiny two did well but they were with non-photo-taking dad so we have no actual evidence (other than two heaping bags of treats). I went with the middle group. They had a blast!
DH said "Egg hunts are one of the few places where a kid who hates crowds ends up with more stuff!)

#3 wisely enlisted the help of one of the teen aids. He is sly, that one.

Two friends, hauling in their loot.
Such a blessed time with family and friends.

Waiting for the raffle winners (we didn't win but we did get 7 free pretzels and lemonades in celebration of "free pretzel day" at Philly pretzel on the way home!)
What a blessed day. The weather, the message, the time with friends.
God is so good!
(before the hunt - even the Little Flower was hiding an egg ;) )


  1. Looks like it was a wonderful event! I often don't get to see your whole post, but the pictures show a wonderful event! I love to see pictures of that vibrant parish.

  2. Sly's pretty fascinated by the idea that Easter is a whole season. Each day, he asks, "Is it *still* Easter?"