Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I'm thinking we need to reassess...

The nice thing about home school (one of many) is that when the day arrives that everyone is sick and you, yourself, feel less-than-stellar, you scrap the day. Lesson plans are fluid in this house. I am so grateful for that. We were supposed to be done May 1st. Instead, we will be done May 2nd or 3rd. It all works for me.

Today I woke up with the second day of high fever, #2 is hanging on by a thread and the baby slept until 9:30 (that's about 2 hours late around here). Then, shortly after breakfast, #1 came down from the school room and said "I'm not feeling well"...she was rather pale. Next thing I hear is her in the bathroom (the greatest thing about kids passing, say, 6-years-old, is that they have figured out where to throw up and when.).

So, that's enough for me. Sweats and videos day! Of course, the middle two are perfectly well (one glaring drawback to home school - you can't ship off the healthy ones!) so I'll have to come up with something for them. The blessing of that is that #3 has finally begun to read and he is enjoying the big boy feeling of reading to his little sister. Ahh, God is so good to me. The timing of everything is perfect.

I have to go now and try to find our School House Rock DVD...what's that, like, 2 hours?

We are blessed!

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  1. Prayers that all illness pass the Rocco house quickly! And that you all weather the storm with grace and mercy.