Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Day in The Life

A while back I wrote this post to describe a "typical" day in the life of a home school family. It looks kind of shiny but, truthfully, that's the way it happened to go down that day. I thought I would write down what happened today, just for comparison. We have five more days until we finish school. That may happen in mid-May at this rate but it will happen. Hooray!

Somewhere around 3 AM - Big sister came into our room and said "C has what I did, she just threw up." I don't thank God nearly enough for my husband...he's the doesn't-need-sleep-handle-the-vomit-man. I have only cleaned up stomach flu once, he was traveling and I was pregnant with #3, and that was more than enough for me!

It seems that she threw up three more times and, thanks again to my beloved, I slept through. In my defense, I was still battling a pretty high temp and he was probably just as happy to be out of the oven bed for a while. Besides, being the first-of-the-month, he needed to start working by 4...he was up anyway ;0)

Between 7 and 8 - Husband out the door. Boys down and fed, medicine to girls for fever, change #3's bed who in the cutest way possible said "I was having a dream and wet my bed." Of course you did...well, since I'm washing everyone's sheets anyway.

8:30 Terri shows up - Again, without this blessing, my life is sooo very much more difficult. She entertains the little boys while I walk to the library with #2 to stock up on videos and then to the municipal center to buy our pool passes (can it be that soon?)

9:30 - 10:45 - Fight with #2 to get the least amount of work done for the day before he spends the rest of it saying "I'm bored", change sheets, wash sheets, etc.

11-1 - Pay my Aunt a visit; she's doing well (another blessing) and going home tomorrow! Grocery shop to pick up the requested Popsicles (for the infirmary on the 3rd fl) and coffee for me (I cannot believe I forgot and went without for 3 days.

1-2:30 - Baby to bed, girls resting, boys playing board games, walk to Sunoco for a cup of coffee and write a blog. More laundry, start working on #1's portfolio, try to find an evaluator, make appoint for mammogram that was written on 2/27 (time flies!)

So, that brings us to now and since I think I just heard #3 spitting up in the living room, I'll close with this.

I am fever-free after two days, I finished my WHOLE rosary before 3 PM, I showered and changed the sheets on my bed...God is SO very good!

Blessings to all of you for a wonderful Friday and weekend :0)

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