Monday, May 12, 2014


So, thanks to Groupon, #4 has begun her violin career. Not really. I'm fairly certain that after this month (and the Groupon) ends, she will be taking a break for at least a few years. Not that it's all tears. She is particularly smitten with the "fishbowl" (a large globe filled with dirt and cacti) in the play area.

On the way home today:

C - "Mom, I LOVE violin!"

Me - "Good...why do you love violin?"

C - "Because of the's so cool!"

Me - "Oh, that's interesting. It's not a fishbowl, though, it's full of dirt."

C- "It's a fishbowl. I have bad news though."

Me - "Oh no, what's that?"

C - "That fish is dead"

 Little girl...big humor.

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