Sunday, April 27, 2014

I love it...

Today at Mass my kids were in very, VERY badly behaved (let's see, just for starters, the microphone went out during Fr.'s reading of the Gospel, just in time for Muffin to scream "need diaper change" about, oh, ten times). I don't mind him so much but the older ones (with the exception of the eldest) were in exceedingly poor form.

I'm not sure if it's the chocolate or the excitement or what. I love it because it happened on Divine Mercy Sunday. What a perfect day! Surely I can muster some extra mercy for my squirmy 3-year-old if Our Lord is so generous with His infinite Mercy toward me.

So, I tried and we made it through. Then we made it through, mostly, our Divine Mercy chaplet in front of the Tabernacle. Whew...then it was party time.

Today is a glorious day weather-wise...the perfect setting for the canonization of two great Saints!

Start with plenty of explanation and coloring opportunities
Then, fry up some pierogi and bake a Papal crème cake

it looked better once the powdered sugar was on
Pair up with a family who adds Italian sausage and tiramisu to the menu and you have the beginnings of a great brunch to celebrate two great men!

I am really enjoying my time with these little people. They have some amazing insights. I think we all learned a thing or two about both popes-now-Saints. How wonderful it is to have two more intercessors in Heaven. We are blessed!

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