Saturday, March 30, 2013

Almost there...

It's so hard to believe we are at the close of Holy Saturday (I haven't heard the bells yet so I guess the Vigil is still going on). One more wake up and we can again sing the "A" word (as #1 has been saying) again!

We've had a good few days around here getting the final preparations done. We were kept in from Holy Thursday services by sick kids and moms but did our best with some feet washing (told you he'd win), "kid" wine and bread, and a nice discussion of the Last Supper.


I was blessed to spend Good Friday with #1 at Armata Bianca and Good Friday services. I truly enjoy little snips of time with each child, especially as they grow, when we can discuss what is happening in their language at their level. She did well with the long day and declared the Veneration of the Cross her favorite part (I must confess, I agree).

Friday night we dye the eggs. I was very impressed...our technique seems to be improving and there were no major spills :0)

Just in case you think he's always happy

#1's art exhibit of the week
Saturday morning we did some chicken dancing with the duck, had the food blessed then ate our traditional Slovak meal (think LOTS of protein). Later I was blessed to spend dinner with a friend while DH took care of baths. I love post-bath bedtime, don't you? They always sleep better.

On their way to bed there was a minor debate about whom exactly would be filling the baskets a friend just remarked, it is amazing that they believe what they wish...some said bunny and some said mom and both are completely fine. I'm not lying about it but, like many things, I'm not going to try to convince a 4-yo to think differently about something that doesn't matter in the grand scheme. Having spoken to him, I think he has the idea that mom puts in the religious stuff and the bunny has all the candy ;0)
Tomorrow we go to Mass early, have a nice brunch and, hopefully (if I hold out) see the Bishop. Whatever happens, we will do it as a family and we will count our blessings.

Wishing you all a blessed Easter!

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  1. Wow - that drawing/sign is really nice! Also, glad to hear another mom doesn't give nightly baths to the kids...haha.