Monday, March 18, 2013

School Days...

As we come to our last month or so of "official school" (I think we'll reach 180 days by mid-May), I am reflecting on what we did and whether it was enough.

#1 child has progressed through her 2nd grade books and, in some cases, moved on to start the next year. #2 child hasn't been much into the books at all, but has still managed to demonstrate some sort of forward progression (I am so thankful I don't have to track him this year!)

Ultimately, my goal of having all five together to bond and play and learn to work out things amongst themselves has been the greatest success of all. It is such a gift to watch them play and argue and refocus and try again. I hope that these days will aid them in creating stronger bonds that will carry them throughout their lives when DH and I are eternally resting.

Some random shots from our latest lessons:
These people are all about art class!
#s 3&4 dropping nap time has necessitated that some schooling must happen in the morning. It's been working OK...most of the time.

Little man is schooling right beside us - practicing that pesky "moving into an upright position"

The little ones got bored so they had a tea party

and made some bead necklaces

Lunchtime! - covering fractions, minerals and the reaction that happens with yeast, water and sugar

Pretzel time :0)

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