Friday, March 22, 2013

--- 1 ---
I am realizing, more and more, that the big fancy camera I requested last year is mainly sitting in its case on the shelf. I know it will be nice when we go on vacation and it was AWESOME for taking passport photos (side business?) but otherwise, not my most well-thought-out request.
--- 2 ---
I am so enjoying the 40 minutes of silence I have after the crazy morning/afternoon we just had. Some days, I like to see just how far I can push things to see whether or not everything will fall apart. My expectations are not high and if it falls apart, it's all my doing. Still, when I hear that someone DH works with took their three kids, 7 and under, to Disney and spent 3 days, dawn-to-dusk with nothing but joy and laughter and good times, I feel like we have no stamina. Ahh, there's Mr. G...time for the fish fry. A 30-minute nap should be more than sufficient, right???
--- 3 ---
I really, really need to get some orders in for food and cakes for the "firsts" weekend which is only 3 weeks away. Yikes! I thought Christmas babies were troublesome but it turns out that Easter babies are much, much worse (not the babies, the logistics that come along with the babies).
--- 4 ---
Today is the last fish fry of the season. I am so thankful sad about that. Dragging 5 sleep-deprived kids (because we go at the end of nap time) to the cafeteria, depending on their good-will to sit still while I get the food (DH usually shows up just as I've put down the last platter ;0) ), paying a not so small amount of cash (Sonic has two fish sandwiches for $3.95 today) and running out the door before the chaos descends at 5:30 is not my idea of a fun Friday night. You may guess that "attend the fish fry each week for fellowship and good cheer" will never be one of my Lenten goals.
--- 5 ---
We (the five little people and I) went to stations this afternoon (see #2). I love stations. We're going to living stations on Sunday and maybe again during the week. Is that too much? I don't think so. It is such a beautiful opportunity to see and feel the passion and the kids sit almost as still as they do at Adoration (which is not totally still - they're tiny, people!) but it's clear that there is something beyond this world that has them transfixed. Today, just as the priest announced, "Jesus is crucified", Mr. G let out the biggest wail. I was pleased because it was timed to perfection and it hid my not entirely tiny whimper (am I the only one who sobs at stations?).
--- 6 ---
Next week is Holy Week! I am so thankful that we've reached the point where we can split the "big events" (Chrism Mass/Holy Thursday/Good Friday) to take one of the older kids to see and gather as a family for basket blessings on Saturday and EARLY morning Mass on Easter (I also love that it's EMPTY then!)

Just a disclaimer before we nearly 6-year-old asked if the Easter Bunny was real today and I had to say no (so you may want to keep your kids away if you don't want this coming out. I told him not to tell anyone but, you know.). Anyway, he asked point-blank and I just can't lie. We talked again about how Santa comes from St. Nicholas but I am unaware that there is a bunny Saint hopping around Heaven somewhere (Please, do give me a clue if you know of a connection). It wasn't all me, anyway, since the nearly 8-year-old started in immediately about how "that is for people who don't know the real meaning of the day which is the Resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus Christ". I am pleased we were in the car and not the candy shoppe at that point. Have a blessed Easter everyone!
--- 7 ---
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  1. Your last "take" about the Easter bunny....I've been thinking about that a lot recently. Should we tell Sly about the E.B.? I think it's pretty silly, and definitely a lot more "manufactured" than Santa Claus. Obviously, he'll hear about it whether we say anything or not. But how to explain Easter baskets (which I still want to do!) without it?

    1. We live "in" the world so I don't know how you avoid it. Our kids know that there is something people call the "Easter Bunny" but he fails to take on a magical aura here. We don't really do any of those mythical people here. If they want a miracle, there are many to choose from at this time ;0)

      I'm laughing because, yes, we have Easter baskets and, yes, they're in the shape of 4 bunnies and one chick (because they stopped making the bunnies). Bunnies and chicks represent the new life of Spring.

      Our Easter baskets are like our Christmas stockings. We give them to celebrate the Risen is a day to be joyful and show Christ's love to one another. They are usually filled with a little candy and lots of books, lacing boards, rosaries and other religious trinkets.

  2. I have never been able to wrap my brain around a large bunny delivering baskets. I've never been shy about the fact that I fill those baskets!! Now as to who hides them.... that's another story. Keeping in mind about the early Eater mass...
    No idea how I'll handle the Triduum again this year. sigh

  3. We have no intention of telling Juliana about the Easter Bunny. The poor child STILL, to this day and everyday since, talks about how she doesn't like Santa Claus that if I try to explain a GIGANTIC bunny coming into our home at night to deliver candy, she may have a mental breakdown. Also, both (santa and EB) kinda freak me out as an adult. Juls know that Jesus died on the Cross and we will talk about His resurrection and she will get candy and treats to celebrate that.