Monday, March 25, 2013


It has been a busy late-winter and spring for us. By the end of April we will have participated in/witnessed three different Sacraments being bestowed on two different people. We are blessed that our #1 will be the recipient of two (she has already received her first Reconciliation and will receive her First Eucharist in a few weeks).

I've been reading this book:

I like being Catholic

The book is meh for the most part but bits of the section on Sacraments definitely struck a chord with me. It is mentioned that, in each major life event of a Catholic, God inserts Himself through one of the Seven Sacraments.

This is true ...when a baby is born, he is Baptized...when she sins, she makes her Reconciliation. The soul newly cleaned from Penance joyfully receives the Eucharist. A Catholic falls in love and is Married; becomes ill and receives the Anointing of the Sick.

What a joy it is to travel through the world, knowing that God is there to share each major milestone in this life He created. How blessed we are to accept this grace from Him.

Still, I think that's incomplete. What about the day-to-day, laundry, diapers, work, child rearing, test-taking, waking moments? Aren't these also life events that God wants us to share with Him? Can you imagine what might happen if you offered thanks for all of your moments (not just the ones that require a new dress) and put God at the forefront of your life?

I wish I could say I do this all the time, but I don't. I have been improving though. This weekend I pulled a neck muscle and spent most of Saturday into Sunday trying (and failing) to find a position that didn't have pain shooting up and down my neck. Usually I would be crying and wondering why, exactly, this had to happen to me when I was just trying to make a nice lunch for my family and especially the day before Palm Sunday?

For some reason, that didn't happen. I think it's because I spent some of the beginning of the evening reading the headlines on my phone. I'm not posting the links because, if you don't know, it probably is a good thing but if you do know, I came across two terrifically heart-rending stories. First, a baby (who looks soooo much like Mr. G I still can't lose the image) was shot by a young man with a gun and an attitude but seemingly little else. Second was a terrible accident involving a mom with young children and a sign at an airport.

So, instead of whining about myself, I sat and said repeatedly...thank you for the opportunity to have this pain. I appreciate the chance, especially this close to Holy Week, to share some minor way in Your suffering. I pray that You will take my suffering and use it to ease that of the two mothers who lost sons this day. I pray that You can make good out of tragedy and bring light to darkness.

I don't have a miraculous story to tell you about. My neck is still sore, although I did receive an abundance of grace during Sunday Mass that helped me to wrangle the little ones with a diminished amount of pain and included a wonderful reminder from our "pew-neighbor" about how very pregnant I was this time last year; before we had any idea about the beautiful little boy who would greet us the next week.

I'm rambling. Sorry. I've warned you about that. I guess what I'm trying to say is this:

1. Don't wait for the "big" Sacraments to welcome God into your life. Do it every time you have a moment to think or a breath to speak. Thank Him for trials and for joys. Thank Him for each and every blessing.

2. When trials arrive, turn to Him with all your heart. Remember what He suffered for us. Remember that He is our loving father waiting for our call! There is nothing you can endure that He will not guide your steps. Call on Him and his Mother always. Then, when you can, remember others who are suffering as well. Offer your suffering as a balm to them. You never can tell, someone else may be doing just that for you.

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