Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy (Maundy, Sheer) now "Green" Thursday

Being that we have reached the Triduum, I feel like I have to pull it together, regardless of how I feel, and incorporate some traditions/education here. I wasn't thinking that when I pulled green jello down to make for #2 (who is still fighting this crummy head cold) but after reading up a bit, I figure the Holy Spirit is helping as much as possible so I have to do my part.
First, I pick up one of my go-to books, A Continual Feast
(I recommend the other two as well ;0))
I still can't find out whether or not this woman is indeed Catholic (She does support Opus Dei, so, I guess?) but regardless, it's got some great bits of info to help you celebrate, throughout the Liturgical Year.

The Holy Thursday section says:

This day bears various names in different languages and many beautiful traditions are associated with it...In Central Europe this day is called "Green Thursday." "Green" may well derive from the ancient Germanic word grunen, to morn. (This is, after all, the day before Christ's Passion.) Another possibility is that this "green" - which often involves the eating of bitter greens, such as tansy and dandelion - is a reminiscence of the "bitter herbs" of the Jewish Passover meal.
In any case, in many countries of Europe, something -or in some places EVERYTHING! - eaten this day must be green.

So, like I said, green jello.

Then, I sat and thought a bit about Holy Thursday itself (yes, the little ones watched their share of Alton Brown and PBS today while big sister was at the Chrism Mass). I think tonight is the night we will wash our childrens' hands (DH wants feet and he will probably get his way since it's more accurate) at the table before dinner. We will also break a loaf of rosemary wheat bread that is currently baking (I can see why people use this TV thing!) and have some "kid wine" to commemorate and learn more about the Last Supper.

Almost done!

DH is kind enough to not leave me home with 4 little people at the moment and head to Mass with #1. I'm sorry they will miss it but I guess it can wait a year. Hopefully some part of the evening will plant a seed in these little people, especially if we make it a tradition. I'm not trying to raise experts (although that would be nice) but I want the base to be wide enough that they can build solidly upward as they grow.

Enjoy the evening, however you are blessed, and if you have a moment go read this This is how God is. It's lovely.


  1. yes, it was lovely. "step outside," i love this. thank you, sue!

  2. great little traditions you're beginning! my kids love watching cooking shows with mom!