Monday, November 16, 2015

Thankful...Part Three

We've just returned from a long, sometimes trying, weekend and I can only say that, I'm finding more often than not, it's important to be thankful when patience is necessary in your life.

Before leaving town, #s 1&2 had their last classes at CMU on Saturday morning. It was beautiful and brisk and, after packing the car, we had about 90 minutes to burn before pickup. Luckily we already knew about the secret maze.


Running in the cold for 30 minutes was the perfect prelude to a 5 hour car ride!

DH stayed to hear #2 present and I went to pick up #1. While I was waiting (and waiting) for her, the instructor of her summer science camp came up and waited with me. When we were finally all together, she presented us with a beautiful cup of crystals. They had begun growing them during Summer camp...about 4 months ago! What a great lesson to teach patience.

When we were heading West, after a long day on Sunday (more in another post), we were crawling along the Schuylkill "Expressway". It was about 5:30, we were two hours from our nest for the evening and I was getting antsy about dinner. The kids were sleeping/watching/talking but I hate the thought of eating so late and was ready to "dine and dash" through fast food. I don't like that option but it's better than room service at 10 PM. Thankfully we decided to wait and ended up staying across the road from Isaac's Deli, one of my favorite kids' places to eat. It's still "fast" food but the choices are much better, nutrition-wise (salad entree and carrots or fruit instead of fries). It's not homemade but it's better than the big chains.

Most of the food is also named after
Finally, after arriving at the hotel, eating our dinner, and starting later-than-normal bedtime, we discovered that G's beloved "bear friend" was missing and suspected left at the previous night's hotel.
Bear friend is at the bottom of the picture...well-loved for the last 2+ years
Ug. Well, after a long, emotional day and putting a tiny man to bed without his friend, I was completely spent. Poor DH. He was processing the day on his own and likely thought I was crazy to cry so over a bear. It wasn't just that, though...G was also feverish and putting on a big boy brave show. It was heart rending.

DH called the other hotel, left a message, and called again this morning. After about 10 hours of pleas to St. Anthony, Bear friend was found in the hotel this afternoon and is on his way home. Wow. I totally could have used that waiting to benefit someone else who was suffering instead of causing suffering of my own. Ah, well, lesson for next time.

So, in the end, we all hate to wait (have you driven an interstate lately? or anywhere near Philadelphia/New Jersey?). Ultimately, waiting is part of the human condition and we can't avoid it, however much we would like to. We should all try more often to find useful ways to make the time pass (offering up the wait, saying a rosary, talking to your kids, watching them sleep, hanging out with your spouse). It won't always work but it will always be good practice.

We are blessed.

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