Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thankful...Part Seven

First and foremost, DH has returned from retreat (cue the Angelic Choir!)...he thanked me for allowing him to go on such a wonderful weekend. I know what he meant...I went an entire two days with no contact, allowing him to pray and think and talk and just be - always a father and husband but not a father-and-husband-in-the-moment for that 48-hours. As much as I dreaded it, it turned out to be a good exercise for me as well. Lots of trials (I think the total was two milk spills and one urine spill - Blondie "forgot" to go to the bathroom) but I kept my cool for probably 98.6% of the time. A new record for me ;0) A lot of Mercy from above and around me. Thank you to everyone who was praying!

I'm also thankful today because, after DH took everyone to see the top three sing at Mass (read: let me sleep and get ready alone because I did back-to-back Masses yesterday) we went to have our Christmas pictures taken. I know, it's not Advent...I didn't say I put up the tree; I said we had pictures taken. That means the cards will go out next week and my Advent will be free from another duty and thus open to prayer and peace. Amen.

Ahh, my little cuties.

Most importantly, today is the Feast of Christ the of the Universe (and everything). Sorry, sometimes Douglas Adams just pops into my head. This Gospel gives me such peace.

My kingdom does not belong to this world

Peace because I walk around most of the time feeling like I live on the wrong planet. The things people think about, say, find important...I don't get it. Not because I'm a superior just seems like I look at things in a way that isn't shared by many of my fellow men.
A fitness studio, called Mecka, next to a Catholic church...anyone else think that's funny?
Every time I hear those words from the gospel it makes me realize I am not on the wrong planet, I'm just choosing the other-than-mainstream-society-path. A good reminder on perspective from Fr. Humberto's blog:

Conversation with Christ: Lord Jesus, you are my king and your kingdom is truth. Form my mind to know all things in relation to you. Form my heart to judge all people in relation to your love. Free me from the deceptions of pride and self-love. May only your love reign in my heart!

Resolution: This week I will reject all internal judgments of others that are based on hearsay. I will replace them with prayers for those persons, giving them the benefit of the doubt and entrusting them to the care of the King.

Let God care for His kingdom and all who dwell in it. Support those we don't understand with prayer for His help and guidance. Sounds like a good start to Thanksgiving week.

We are blessed.

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