Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thankful...Part Six

Today I am very thankful that yesterday is over. It was a wonderful day, buoyed by the offerings of others, but it was long.

It was the last day of Step Up classes at a not-so-local university but it was also a School Time concert in the morning. It was well worth it - lots of good music and information on Mozart (who knew he was partial to horns?)

Excellent seats as well...can't beat $10 (parking) for 6 people at the symphony!
Then it was off for our hour drive to St. Vincent. It's a long trip but well worth it. This semester we covered karate, jazz, weather, geography, art, cooking, PowerPoint and several more that I can't recall right now.
Saying our good-byes to the Basilica until Spring

With his favorite painting, "Waterfall"
I'm glad the Saints are around with their wisdom (see the beginning of this post). Knowing that it was going to be a long weekend, I asked prayers from friends, prayed with the kids, and backed off ever so slightly from my usual high alert status. It's true, a lot of the little things don't matter. Some little things still do, like manners. Always.

DH is on retreat so we had "breakfast in pajamas" morning. (this is not daddy-approved but it did wonders for our moods and allowed us to make it through until lunch with only one or two playaways for the little people...did I mention I'm also battling G's cold?)

In fact, only one outside source interrupted our peace this morning (the go-between of a woman who decides everything at the last minute then, somehow, makes everyone else do the legwork!)

Just as I was getting into a full agitation, I looked down and saw a smile from Heaven (the Holy Spirit knows I'm a fan of double-yolks ;0) ) Yes, my cholesterol is taking a beating but my heart is less-stressed because I didn't go into full-blown rant...little steps, people. Besides, I shared most of it with my tiny friend.

This afternoon consists of a wedding Mass followed an hour later by Vigil (yes, they serve both) so I am extra grateful for Grammy who will save me from dragging all five to at least one of those events. 

Busy, exhausted, sick and longing for my love but still so thankful.

We are blessed.

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