Saturday, November 7, 2015

Moving through the world

I'm in a different place these days. I feel a bit like a hermit, going through my day and interacting with those in my immediate vicinity but not reaching out much. I hope those who are far away (but in my mind and heart constantly) understand. I hope they can feel the prayers that are included for them as I pass through my day.

I have mentioned that this has been a failed "Saturday" experience. I run with #2 while DH deals with the rest until we get home. While not the worst, and not the best, today is a good example of what our schedule has been...
8 AM :Everyone has breakfast together
9 AM : I head to CMU with son and DH heads to CCD with the rest
9:30: DH and Mr. G drop off supplies for soccer end-of-party
10:30 DH takes kids from CCD to soccer
Noon - Soccer ends, party commences
12:30: We leave CMU, home for lunch
1:30: DH home with 4, takes boys to Blue Knights
2:30: Grammy shows up to sit little two and I head to church with #1 for wedding
3 PM : #1 serves wedding
4 PM: distribute worship aids in downstairs church
5PM: We attend Vigil Mass as a family, #1&#2 serve

I know how many people around me have these or worse schedules each weekend so I'm not really complaining. I'm simply saying that this will not again be our choice. It's kind of crazy, after a full week, to spend a whole weekend day running from place to place. That leaves Sunday for errands, wash, etc. and we say "no" to that so it ultimately means I'm behind on Monday. Thanks but no, the winter will bring a much-reduced load. We are choosing to re-prioritize.

In the meantime, I've managed to work out a routine that helps keep me centered and sane. It gives me enough time to rest before running off to the next thing. God has blessed us with good Saturday weather for the most part so I drop the dear boy off to his building and take the 10 minute walk to the library. Like today, I usually manage three of five decades of the rosary and reach the steps with 10 or so minutes left until it opens to finish the last two. Perfect.

I have 2+ hours so I usually wander around a bit before I sit down to work.
Today the beauty of this city just struck me...the doors and arches of the library

the tower of the Cathedral of Learning (the tallest education building in the US). Today I was fascinated at the window air conditioning units in the tippy-top floors. I have been known to drop one out a window. Glad I don't work there!

The interior of the library is equally stunning.

How good God is to give me the time to walk, pray, and appreciate the gifts He has given to so many talented artisans. What a relaxing (and much-needed) break in the middle of our busy lives.

Oh, don't feel too badly for DH. In two weeks he will be gone for 2 1/2 days on retreat while I finish up the last of our crazy Saturdays!

We are blessed.

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