Monday, June 29, 2015

Pray for Us!

Today is the solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, the patrons of the Church in Rome. It's kind of a big deal. I had no idea, really, because I'm just bobbing along, trying to get through what I need to do at any given moment. I am grateful, as always, for my friends...

You see, I was thinking that we were having an excellent start to the week...we were up and gathered in time for the morning Angelus and prayed a rosary in the car (yes, it's still broken) on the way to baseball.
 Looks good until you see the ball ;0)
 Sometimes sap is a bigger draw

 They are gifted with their father's athletic prowess

She's the runner...why is the 2nd baseman on the ground?

While watching all the little ones have fun and giving thanks for this beautiful day, I started chatting with my friends. They let me know what today was. Not in a "how could you not know we're celebrating two of the greatest Saints in the Church today?" way but more of a "wow, I wish I had gone to Mass today...maybe I can go to Mass after this...would you like to go to Mass with us?"

Unfortunately we weren't able to follow them to Mass so we decided to pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet on the way home in the car. I kind of let it go there until, ahem, we decided to watch a short video before rest time. Sometimes it's good that the default channel is EWTN. Ahem.

So, as often happens, we make a small effort and the Holy Spirit takes care of the rest. We are so blessed.

St. Peter, help us to see the gifts and challenges of your life with Jesus and realize that we can also choose to follow Him at all times during our life here on Earth. St. Paul, help us to allow our eyes to be opened like yours and to become filled with zeal for our faith.

Sts. Peter and Paul, Pray for Us!

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