Friday, June 12, 2015

{Adoration, Petition, Intercession, Thanksgiving}

I've been thinking that I don't take enough time to think about my prayers. We go through the day, we pray sometimes, we talk about praying sometimes, sometimes it's planned, sometimes not (I know that punctuation is wrong...forgive me). I want to try to be more deliberate in my least some of the time.

So, let's start a little "Catholic" week wrap-up, shall we? Take the four types and see if you've covered them this past seven days. If so, great! If not, try to purposefully add some of the type you missed next week.


This week started with the feast of Corpus Christi (The Body and Blood of Our Lord) so this week was an A+ in the Adoration category. Mass and exposition followed by a procession down our main street. Now, that is a level of adoration I wish we could achieve every single Sunday.

 The Blessed Sacrament leaving the church
 Processing...DH got to help hold the canopy that sheltered Jesus!


Today, we were blessed to take part in the Annual Global Rosary Relay for Priests at our home parish. It started as a small gathering of friends and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, grew into something more. Just the act of putting together the map that showed all the places that would be praying helped cement the "One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church" to my kids. They would find a sticker and say "Wow, I can't believe people in insert country are praying the rosary today too!".


We accepted our leg of the relay, were blessed to be joined by one of our priests who delivered the Apostolic Blessing, recited our rosary, and passed it on to the next country. What an amazing feeling to know that the globe was literally blanketed with prayer for our priests. God is so good!

It seems to me that there is never an end to people/situations that could use prayer...babies who are sick (and their parents), adults who have lost their way, peace in the world...I love the Saints, especially those who are the "go-to" for things...St. Anthony (I was just agreeing with a friend that said he never lets us down), St. Gerard (for all those moms-to-be) or St. Anne (for all those already moms), Sts. Joachim and Anne (for marriages and parenting). We recently learned about St. Medard who is the patron Saint against bad weather. Imagine all the great help we have in heaven :0) Of course, never forget Our Lady...the best person to ask when it comes to asking help from the Father.

On Tuesday, I was reminded that this is a wonderful two-way street (well, I know that with a very dear friend but I realized it's true with others as well). After Mass, a lovely husband of a couple we know at church said "I'm praying for you." I said, "I know and I can feel that because there are days when I say it aloud,'someone is praying for me right know', because I know the kids will live to see tomorrow." Yes, I was joking about the last part but we all laughed because, having been there, they knew! What a blessing to have others who are watching over you and asking intercession for your trials. That is an amazing blessing. Both to realize and to receive. 


I would be willing to bet this is the one I do the most often. We try to instill it in the kids by talking about "what I'm thankful for" each night during prayers. Not surprisingly, at this point in time, many nights include "dinner" and "mom and dad". Today, in the heat, we are all very thankful for the blessing of a cool home. We will be keeping those in prayer who lack such a luxury.

I am finding that in my life, giving thanks in all things, trial and blessing, is the key to a less-stressed existence. When I get wrapped up in what society thinks I should do, think, and look like, I can move to panic attack with surprising speed. Slowing down and thinking about the One who is there, in all things, to help me and guide me never ceases to provide calm or, at least, peace of mind. 

This week, try to concentrate on these types of you do a lot of petition? Try to add a little thanksgiving. See if you can cover all four, every day. 

 We are blessed. 


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