Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday...what I like

- I like attending the first Mass of a new altar server when they are full of nervous excitement. I also like when their families are there to support and witness because it is that important.

- I like daily Mass with just the older few. Hearing the homily is a welcome treat.

- I like being at the park with only three of the kids...all of whom can buckle/unbuckle, ask for things, talk through issues, etc.

- I like having time at the park to talk to other moms, all of whom are walking a similar path to mine, knowing that our kids are playing together nearby...with no worries about their playmates.

- I like switching out kids and (sometimes...once-in-a-long-while) having only #4 and #5 left. They are good friends and it's nice to see them together, without interference from the others.

- I also like these two alone in the house because it means nap time is pretty much guaranteed.

- I like this life. I am so blessed.

St. Boniface, Pray for Us!

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  1. Hooray! It's Popsicle season!

    Sounds like a great day :^)