Thursday, June 25, 2015

Our Thursday

I am exhausted...I'm thinking I need to get to sleep about five hours earlier tonight. At least I have five more days of vacation (HAHAHAHAHA). Whew. I'm tired.

It was a lovely day, make no mistake, just long.

Left at 8 AM to fight traffic to the North Hills. Drop off older 4 at VBS.

Lovely chat over coffee with my dear friend and tiny man. Discussion of societal ills garnered dirty looks and fear of being banned from Starbucks.

Back to VBS to watch the Little Sisters of the Poor "tea" party. It was actually cookies and punch but fun for kindergartners and their guests. My Aunt and Mom joined #4 for the festivities. There were 2 Little Sisters, one of whom was in her 90s. God bless them!

We didn't RSVP for the tea party. I knew little man would never make it. So, we took a walk around the grounds to visit the Blessed Mother statues.

I find it so much easier to entertain a little person at a Catholic church than at Starbucks!

Lunch with Auntie and Grammy after we finally found an Eat n Park to accommodate our group (hint...not the one on McKnight Road!).

We hit the library, picked up our starts next week! (Can you guess our unit study for July? LOL)

Then, off to church. This afternoon, a group from St. Vincent College had a Novus Ordo/ Gregorian Chant Mass at our parish. It went like this... #4 fell asleep during the priest's introduction. Tiny man screamed during the first 10 minutes of the actual Mass (luckily, since there were only 13 other people there, I don't think they noticed much), #2 complained that he "couldn't understand anything" the whole time and the rest of us thoroughly enjoyed it. It was beautiful and interesting and a very clear sign that we will not be attending Latin Mass anytime soon.

Here I am, at my computer, 5:08 PM...dishwasher needs to be unloaded and I have no idea what dinner is going to look like right now. I'm not sure I care too much though. It's one of those evenings that, somehow, everyone will be too exhausted to put up much of a fight. The best thing? Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

We are blessed.

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  1. Fear of getting kicked out of Starbucks- hehe. Wish we were joining you all this week! I love hearing about it.

    Miss you.