Thursday, June 18, 2015

"She's gone...

I'd better learn how to face it...she's gone...I'd pay the devil to replace her..."

My apologies to Hall and Oates and to you if it sticks in your head ;0)

I wouldn't actually pay the devil to replace her but I'm sad. You see, today was the last day of work for our dear Miss Terri. Fear not..she will be back on July 14th, God willing. Still, this is going to be a very, very long month.

In case you, too, are facing some unsettling change at the moment...a little wisdom from St. Teresa of Avila

This, of course, isn't a life-altering change but it does mean, for the next several weeks, I will never be without my least some of them. I so appreciate when I can just sneak off to pray or shop or whatever without my posse.

Knowing this, I immediately ran to church after my haircut (must attend to personal grooming while there is still time!). I was in luck that the worship aids were ready and so I enjoyed an hour or so mostly alone in the church, putting them in the pews.

While I was doing that, I had an attack of selfishness. It happens. I know that there are people downstairs praying at Adoration and I think, "Why can't that be me? Why am I doing this instead? Why can't I just pray and have that be enough?"

It didn't last long because I know, of course, that most of the people praying at Adoration do much more than I do to help the church. Placing worship aids, while necessary, is not exactly a pillar's job.

Oh, ahem, I forgot the Holy Spirit part. I was distributing, looking at the church, wondering as I always do if this is the right place to raise our family (I think yes more than no now), wondering how I am going to manage the next weeks without Terri, praying for people who need help now, walks a woman I know and have been seeing a lot lately. "Funny running into you" she said (a.h.e.m.)

She then had some amazingly lovely words about watching our family and how much joy it brings to people to see us worship at Mass, holy hour, etc. I did cry. They were the words I needed just then. With all that has been happening, sometimes I wonder if any of it matters. We struggle (a lot) to bring the faith to our kids as much as possible and still bad things happen. I know that's the world and bad things happen but it can be a bit disheartening. How much grace flowed from her choice to come to church then and say those words. God is so good.

I learned a good lesson to keep doing what I am doing and, even more, listen to the small voice and say what I am called to say. We can never know how a few kind words will lift someone who needs it. We can never know how our actions can be an example to those who are searching for the way.

We are blessed.

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  1. Extra prayers for you these next few weeks! I wish you all lived close enough to have your kids join ours at Summer Camp.

    Don't you love how God sends us messengers just when we need them most?

    Miss you. Xo.