Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Things

This weekend has been full of great new things! Some traditions continuing; some future-looking; and some meeting a long-awaited need. What a great few days. I am so grateful when things come together.

1. The "man" tradition

When you get to be a big enough boy (read: you don't scream and scare Joe) you get to go along with dad and your big brothers to visit Barber Joe. He is another member of our extended family...we have known him since #2 was being formed... what a great find. An old-world Italian who appreciates our kids' names! Double bonus :0)

Saturday was Mr. G's day and he did so well. No crying, no concern, just hopped up and did his thing. What a great dad and son ritual.

 Big boy in the big chair

handsome guy

2. Planning ahead

Well, just like that, our summer vacation is half over. I have learned that I need to get myself a bit more organized this year since I will have an extra person to track and two others who really want to go to "school" (one of those only-heard-in-a-homeschool-house things...#3 today asked, "when do I get my lesson plan?")

How blessed I was to stumble on the greatest.planners.ever. "Crusaders for Christ" is the boy's planner, "Maidens for Mary" the girl's and "Holy Simplicity" is the mother's homeschool and liturgical planner. Wow. It's hard to describe how inspiring this is...definitely what I was looking for. The mother's journal has separate pages to plan out each major Catholic feast day and, on the week at a glance, they pre-list the Angelus twice daily and the rosary once. Oh, the kid planner has lots of room for subjects but lists only three already labeled, "Religion", "Reading" and "Math" that order. Amen.

These pics are terrible but maybe you can get the idea.

 In the kid journals there is a daily rating area for things like "manners at meal time", "obedience" and "respect for family"

One of the special day planners

Yes, it is too good to be true. All the Saints Books is closing its doors as of July 1st. Sniff. Still, I am so grateful to have it this year. I think it is what I need to keep me and my elder children moving in the proper direction.

3. More Planning

It's nearly still-summer-but-also-school time so let the pilgrimages begin! Yesterday #1 said, "mom, why do you get so excited about teaching?" Well, to be truthful, it's not the teaching, it's the travel. This trip is turning into one seriously amazing jaunt if I do say so myself. Here's a little teaser.

This is a really stunning book. Highly recommended.

4. New-to-us

If you've been to our home, you realize pretty quickly that we do not have sufficient seating room in our dining area. The "party table" (big, white, plastic from Sam's) has been up since the Communion weekend in May because our 6-person table just wasn't cutting it alone and the extra space was so nice.

This table-drama has been going on for nearly a year. When the high-chair left and Mr. G joined us, it was clear we needed more room. Our dear friends have the most amazing table and, after seeing it in person, DH was ready to pull the trigger. It is exactly what I had in mind but I just couldn't do it. I know my kids and their proclivity for table destruction right now. #5 has a specific love for poking his fork into the wood when he doesn't get exactly what he wants at the exact moment he wants it.

So, for nearly that amount of time, I've been looking. Craig's List is my dear friend. We've spent many evenings together over the months. Finally, a few days ago, something I passed up earlier was back up...for $100 less. We headed East and checked it out. With the help of an amazing friend, DH was able to run through the raindrops and pick it up today. It is perfect. Gently worn by a family with five even came with 6 chairs (and has room for 10!). What a perfect gift at which to begin the new school year.

 The "bachelor pad" table (we used it with the leaves in, of course!)

 I so love my dining doubles as a dance floor/skating rink. ;0)

  Our new-to-us table. Only $250 and perfect for the next few years.

Wishing you a happy, healthy start to the week. We are blessed.

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  1. 1. Cutie.

    2. Those notebooks do look perfect. Adding to my "If we homeschool" wishlist :^)

    3. Yay!!!

    4. Great CL find! I could never find anything on there that was big enough/not too formal. I'm sure you will love that extra space!

    Miss you.