Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"Be Little, Make Yourselves Little"

Our "littlest" member of Maranatha this year is in the Little Sisters of the Poor group. These sweet ones are only kindergarten age and yet they are so open and willing to learn and give. What a perfect match for the Sisters who believe, to grow close to the poorest of the poor, you must make yourself "little" just as Jesus humbled Himself, being born in a manger then dying for a sinful world.

It brings tears to me every single year, especially during the food collection day. The kids go around to collect food from the parish offices so that they can then give it to the Sisters to use for the poor. They are told that they will "beg for food" and that is what they do. I asked C today, "what happens when someone tells you they can't or won't help?" She replied, "we say 'God bless you' just like we do to the people who do help!" What a beautiful skill to teach these precious ones. To love everyone as a child of God, even those who are unable to do anything for you, especially when your task involves sacrifice for someone in need.

Sorry for the action shot...C is on the right. She said "That basket was heavy!"

So we will continue to make the hour trip each way for the rest of the week. To say it's worth it would be an understatement. Tomorrow, #1's class will have a visit from our beloved Fr. Freedy and #2 from a "Benedictine Monk!!!". Sometimes I wonder why they get so excited over things that would less-than-thrill a lot of people in society...then, ahem, I remember ;0)

We are blessed.

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