Friday, June 26, 2015

Five on Friday...Giving Thanks

1. Remembering the lost

Today is the day that, in his equivalent life, DH lost his dad. I'm not sure the exact formula but it was at 50 years, one month and...days. He was #1 intention for our prayer this morning (DH was #2 because I know he's sad today). My grandmother, aka "the Bub" was #3. She went home 15 years tomorrow! Wow. So long many things have passed. I know she's in heaven, along with my grandfather (whom I never met) and my dad (who died in 1997) because so many of those changes are amazing and definitely inspired from above. Sometimes I think, when the Holy Spirit whispers, she shouts "pay attention!" because, in those years I have become increasingly more aware of the stirrings. For that, I am so thankful.

2. Family Prayer

There is definitely trial involved in heading North for Maranatha VBS but also many, many blessings. I think my favorite time of the week (one of many I suppose) was pulling out of the driveway, dividing up the decades, and praying the family rosary. As the older ones remarked, "we are always done by the time we reach the tunnel" so there was also plenty of time for discussion of great things that happened the day prior and expectations of the current VBS day. 

Yes...talking. I had this radio for, I think, 2 days and "poof!" off it went. I should just realize that someone somewhere (ahem) is trying to tell me that discussion with my family is way more important than satellite radio (have you heard kids place live lately? wow. it's bad when the 8-year-old tells the little ones "we don't repeat anything we hear in these songs")

 3. Friends and Family

It is weeks like this, the struggle and the learning, that I know I'm in the right place. When we join together to celebrate one of the group's birthday or pray for the loved one of feels so right. What a blessing to come together for a whole week.
 Happy Birthday!

 With my running buddy

 Our year tiny will be on the far left and #1 will move on.

  Even Daddy joined us for the closing show.

4. Friday

It's only It's been a while since I've been this thankful for a Friday. I guess I didn't realize the stress of the week until now. Today was very, very long. If I were in another field I would take a vacation...or a semester off...or both ;0) Alas, this is a job that is hard to leave, even on the trying days. So, I will stay and be so thankful that the exhausted little people are tuckered out upstairs. Now I have a few minutes with DH to catch up and regroup.

Oh, and I'm thankful for this too...I hope somewhere my dear friend is on his 2nd or earned it!

 We are blessed!

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