Wednesday, June 17, 2015


because that's been my life this week...

- Yesterday's Gospel was "God causes the rain to fall on the just and the unjust" and ain't that the truth ;0). Not sure which we are lately since it seems to rain Still, I'm not complaining because, while my side yard will now have to be trimmed with a weed's that tall(!), it means no little soccer feet have been trampling it down and it's filling in nicely. Also, the garden is exploding. Lots of cucumber blossoms already! 

- Growing and learning. Yesterday was a difficult day around here. It was a hating-the-computer kind of day...a just-how-much-depravity-exists-within-two-clicks-of-a-normal-page day. So, the computers are gone for now. They will be reworked, locked down and used only with educational purposes in mind. Do I dislike society extremely right now? Most definitely. I'm also grateful, though, as it was revealed now and not a year from now. A good lesson and lots to discuss. Also, it was yesterday that I found out my brother-in-law's father is very ill. This is a good reason to have a computer! It gives you the ability to reach out to someone in an instant. Pray for the family, if you will. They will need a lot of heavenly support.

- Children. Yesterday I had the affidavits notarized, copied, and sent out. Yes, there is an "s" on that. We will be "officially" homeschooling two this year. I feel more at ease about it than I had thought I would. Second child and I do not share opinions in common very often but I realize, even more so because of our recent computer issues, that even though I wish I could send him away from here every day (really...and on weekends most of the time) that isn't the right decision. How can I attempt to connect with this lost boy if I see him 3 hours each day? We will continue and pray. A lot.

- The Holy Eucharist and Confession. I was at daily Mass again today but I didn't receive Communion. I'm trying to be more strict about the state of my soul before I just join the line. Today was a day that I really could have used the extra nourishment but I just couldn't make it work in my mind. Gratefully, penance is offered after Mass (wouldn't it be splendid before so you could then do both? discussion for another time). I was able to unburden myself and receive absolution. One of the great treasures of the Catholic church. I am so thankful, especially on days like today, for that gift.

- Finally, I'm thinking about installing an electronic sign on my front porch. That way, when people are waiting for the green light, they can learn all sorts of good things...especially about the Saints because they had so many good things to say. My sign for next week (since our town probably has a law against electronic signs on front porches).
   we are blessed.

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