Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Let Jesus Out of Your Box

That's an odd title, I realize. Hang with me...hopefully it will all fall together.

Today was our First Day of School for the 2015-2016 school year! I know that was quick but truthfully, if we wait much longer it just becomes kind of unruly around here. Besides, July is all about life skills (you can teach math with cooking and train fare and that last one also works for map skills!) and our Lewis and Clark unit study.

As with most important days, we went to Mass to give thanks for our blessings and ask for Our Lady's intercession to her Son to guide our work in the coming year. Since it was Wednesday, we headed down to our favorite weekday church, St. Mary of Mercy. First, the ride...

What a glorious day for a trolley ride! We even saw some neighbors along the way.

We arrived at Gateway station in plenty of time to go hang out in PPG winter garden and take our "First Day" shots. The transition from 2nd to 5th has been the most stark for me but they are all growing like weeds.

The "preschooler" was not interested in posing and, since he's not really a "preschooler" I'm good with that.

Mass, as always, was wonderful. To be surrounded by people who work nearby but still choose to take part of their lunch hour to be truly fed; to happen upon a Deacon who offered to pray over our family; to watch the kids, more animated than in most things, talk to Fr. Joe about their day and their life...that is so worth the trolley ride to me. 

Then, of course, there's the homily. Walking back to the trolley #1 said, "Of all Fr. Joe's homilies, I think that was the best!" I reminded her that she always says that.

The Gospel was about Jesus driving the unclean spirits from the demoniacs into the swine. He spoke about this Jesus who is so unfamiliar...the One who chose to walk down the road no one would walk, into a most unclean place, to "take it to" evil. Aggressive. Effective. Father noted that, at the end of the Gospel, the people of the town asked Christ to leave because He didn't fit their box for Him...that He was too big a God...Father asked us to not do the same. Smash your box for God, he said...let Him be who He wants to be in your life. Wow. I will be thinking on that one for a while. What a blessing to be there today to hear it. 

Today is also the feast day of Blessed Junipero Serra, Patron of Vocations. We started watching his biography on EWTN last night and watched a bit more tonight. What a selfless, brave, humble servant. Inspiring.

I'm thinking history and religion...not nutrition (popcorn dinner!)
When I was taking the last picture, I wondered what the light was that was so bright on the bottom of the photo. I looked up at the window and, yes, there was sunshine (which is a huge gift in itself considering the weather lately) but it didn't look like this picture. So, if we were joined by a heavenly friend or two...what a perfect way to end the day.

We begin again. I'm energized and excited about the new school year. I know the challenges will be many but I also know that I have Our Lady walking with me and correcting my way when needed. We also have St. John Bosco, whom we have adopted as our school patron (he is Patron Saint of schoolchildren and magicians...both of which fit). His wise words are on the back of our new "R Academy" school shirts! (I bought them mainly so they could wear them on our trip and be more easily described when lost). In the end, they came out pretty great.

Wishing you a wonderful end to your week and a safe, happy Fourth of July. Father also said something along the lines of , even if the whole world is thinking and doing the wrong thing and there are only a few people doing the right thing, God is on their side...there is no competition. Can there be any greater pep talk than that?

We are blessed.

Blessed Junipero Serra, Pray for Us!

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  1. You amaze me. I'm so glad I have you as an example on this walk of faith. And you make me wish we still lived close to take part in trolley-rides to daily Mass.

    Blessings on your new year! Those kids are getting so big!

    (Love those shirts!)