Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, we finally got our beautiful weekend. It was busy but fun and the weather was amazing.

This Thursday is Slovak Day at Kennywood (local theme park). Slovak Day is something we used to attend with my dad's family forever. Bub, my grandmother, was the leader of the pack and there were always a million people there. Now that the older generation has mostly passed, it's definitely less well-attended but still a nice day. Four of our five will be dancing (I hope anyway, Blondie had a major melt down at Friday's dress always, kids keep you guessing).

We also spent a lot of the day cleaning since Saturday brought our friends from the West!


After they left DH said, "I love to visit with's so easy. Their kids interact nicely with our kids, they are interesting and fun, and then there is Sweet T". I probably said that last one. Tell me, is there a cuter kid than this?

He's not the only cute one, though. They are all pretty special. I mourn the fact that they are far away but every time we get together the kids just go back to where they left off. God is so good to put this amazing family in our lives!
I think what I love most is two giant tables filled with kids...what blessings!
Letting the silly out
 She looks like she's singing some Aretha but she's really saying, "get this moose out of my playhouse!"
Beautiful friends.

After our friends departed, we raced around to go our respective ways...DH to take #s 2,3&4 to a Lego camp and me to take Alpha and Omega to a wedding. Let's say Mr. G wasn't getting the whole thing. Gratefully, it was only a ceremony and we were out in 35 minutes. Also grateful for the programs which doubled as...
a great toy for a three-year-old. You fan yourself, then you smack the pew, then you toss it in the air (we were three rows from the back and I was doing all I could to keep him from screaming, "where is the bride mama? I don't SEE the bride!")

Because we are gluttons for that sort of thing, we ran home, picked up the others and headed to Vigil Mass (well, it couldn't be helped, the two oldest were serving). Tiny man had had enough of St. Bernard's at this point and happily drifted off to sleep in my lap. I was able to offer up the pain of an extra 40+ lbs of dead weight and we all made it through.


It turned out well that we went to vigil as we were then able to get our rest, eat our breakfast, and head to a park downtown to meet up with more friends for Bach, Beethoven and Brunch. What fun. A beautiful day, lots of fun with friends, and a bassoon! I am blessed ;0)

Hoping that you had a weekend that was equally blessed. Oh, the best thing about this week starting...Miss Terri is en route home! I am so pleased with myself for making it through...and I will be even more pleased to see her. She was a big part of the family missing for many weeks. 

We are blessed.

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