Thursday, July 9, 2015

Birthday Blessings...

Well, if I were a five-year-old, I'd think I made out pretty well today. It was a blessing to me to see that so many of the special moments involved her siblings. I think that's just perfect.

Wake up! She was serenaded by her roomie/sister, then the two older boys went up for their turn. Sleepyhead met up with her in the office to give his rendition.
 And, of course, a birthday hug.

Off to 8 AM Mass...what an added bit of grace to witness a baby priest (12 days old!) say Mass and then give a family/birthday blessing. God is so good!

Madagascar 3, one of her favorites, on the big screen with friends.
 Couldn't pass it up...

To daddy's office to share a pretzel lunch then home for a well-deserved rest.

Pool time! What a great day to show some excellent big-sister enthusiasm.

Home for dinner, dessert and gifts. 

She is blessed and we are blessed by her. Happy Birthday, CC. We love you :0)

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