Friday, July 31, 2015

Five on Friday

Here's the recap...

1. Growing things

While our garden is prolific with weeds, the lack of water lately (and probably also the weeds!) has meant less-than-stellar performance. We managed to pull these two out yesterday...the green one eaten raw and the purple sauteed with oil, garlic and spinach as a side. Yum.

2. Summer...finally

DH hates this weather but it's pretty much perfect for me. The last few days have consisted of school in the AM (or park with friends), down to the pool lot to secure a perfect parking place, pick up our free lunches (thank you KO school district lunch's free for everyone under 18 - sandwich, fruit and veggie plus milk. They love free stuff!), sit and eat said lunch, then hang out in the pool for the next 1 to 3 hours. I was floating along today and thinking how very blessed I have children old enough to not drown while I float along; to have the ability to purchase a pass so that we can go any day we wish; and to have such a magnificent pool. Truly. Even on the busiest days there is plenty of room.

3. Science and stuff

Last week was science camp at CMU, next week is science camp at the Science Center. I'm enjoying the week off to process all the cool stuff they've learned (and I'm not missing the commute!)

 Super-absorbent polymers (yes, it does sound like Monty Python)

 3-d printers...a penny in a sphere

The graduates

4. Food, fun and fire prevention

As you know, we've started school so there is something we all look forward to in July...Chick Fil A fire safety night. It's family night (= free dessert) and the local firefighters come to show off their wares, give out free stuff (=backpacks and rulers), and answer questions. Yes, it counts. I love home education ;0)

5. Planning

One of the assignments the older two had this week was to "spend" $500 gathering supplies for the Corps of Discovery expedition (Lewis and Clark). It was interesting to watch them haggle over what was important (soup or playing cards) and arrive at a final list. We will be discussing a bit more this weekend since, well, they seemed to forget any type of writing implement (how will you record things in your journal?)***ignore that, I just reread and it says $10 not $0...the men will definitely be well-fed (I would expect nothing less from our children!)

It was completely intentional. Next week is crazy-planning-packing-week and they need to be in that evaluation mindset or I'm going to need a bigger van. We're all excited and ready to head West. Please keep us in your prayers.

We are blessed.

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  1. #3- Hey, we recognize those buildings! Glad it was a success.

    Yay for heading west! We can't wait to see you!!!