Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Just a thought...

"This world is filled with many vulgar and dishonorable things that will claw and tear at your Christian purity if you allow them to. Don’t let them! Seek instead the things of God. He will purify you and free you from your slavery to profane and inconsequential things."-- Patrick Madrid

This was on my daily prayer feed and it came at a really good time.

I've been pretty troubled at some of the things I'm reading/seeing on blogs lately and it's really causing me to become even more worried about society. I can understand people who are "out there" already but the troubling thing is that now this is coming from people who, at least once-upon-a-time, I considered pretty much with the program.

When did it become "funny" to post photos of kids in dangerous situations (when did it become proper to not only put your child in that situation but to then take and post a photo for the world to see?)? DH looked at it and said, "I bet the people who duck taped their kid to the wall thought it was funny as well".

I think, during Lent, it's more troubling for me to see so many people (I include myself on many days) completely missing out on the "offering it up" option. Yes, there are things happening that we can't plan/don't work out the way we want/don't meet our standards (me included). I see more and more people overwhelmed with worry because they can't control something. Please, I beg you, think about someone other than yourself and imagine what good you can do by offering your pain/inconvenience/whatever. God is in control. Do what you can then leave it to Him.

I'm starting now. I'm being "clawed and torn" too much lately. I guess I have to stop reading blogs altogether for a while because, frankly, it's getting me down. I thought I was safe with a few but clearly that was incorrect thinking. Those who are tangential to me are indeed inconsequential. If they're not helping me toward Heaven (they are not) they can probably only move me in the opposite direction.

So, I'm going to walk and pray a rosary now. I'm praying for you, reading or not, and hoping this bit of disheartened prose doesn't bring you down. I know I worry too much. I also know all of this "public sharing" isn't helping us to raise up one another or build a more civil society. I also know that God is in control and, if we would just remember to turn to Him (often through His Mother) all things would come to good. We are blessed.


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  1. I'm not sure what you mean about putting kids in dangerous situations and thinking it's funny. Thankfully, I don't think I've come across anything like that on blogs?

    ha - well, I'm totally guilty of "not offering it up especially during Lent," as you mention. For a week now, I've been letting myself get depressed and frustrated each day that passes without this baby being born. Today, I finally decided to just let it go and allow God/the baby/my body to do things in their own well as to offer up some of my "waiting" for a friend who needs some prayers. And guess what? My whole day went SO MUCH BETTER!