Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday - Whiny edition

People I am t-i-r-e-d...whew. I think God was worried because He worked a whole bunch of badly timed appointments to make it impossible for DH to go to work today. I still can't take a nap but at least he was the nursery/kindergarten teacher this morning...something for which I had zero energy. So, even though I'm whining, I still know I'm blessed ;0)

1. Where is the "home" in my "homeschool"?
We stayed at home on Monday because of some nasty colds but the rest of the week has been crazy-making... I have to be sure not to schedule it like this again.
Tuesday: Catechesis in the AM then visiting out-of-town (now in-town) friends at the Science Center

Wednesday: Tiny Tots...all five. I'm so happy for my older two when we're in that situation. It is much harder leaving them behind.
He insisted on jumping up out of his chair to applaud each time. Cutie.

Thursday: Thomas Edison musical in the AM (in MARS!) and Science Center Camp in the PM

No pictures from the Science Center. They were discussing polymers and made shrinky dinks. Cool.

Friday: Groceries, little flowers, boys to Grammys. You would think this would allow me to have more done (having my teacher's assistant on hand) but for whatever reason, it's not happening.

Saturday:  Hopefully joining the millions of people to meet Daniel Tiger in person. Priceless.

2. Having DH home
I know it would never work because he would get less than zero work done but, man, I love having this guy around. Sometimes I play the lottery in the hopes that, if I win, he could do consulting part-time or something (I would never ask him to quit working completely...he loves it so). I wonder if he wants to play TA full-time next year when little man gives up his nap and nothing school-related can happen with less than 2 adults. Hmmm.
3. Suffering
I spent some time with a friend yesterday, trying to be supportive for a current cross in their family's life. It's such a hollow feeling - I never feel like I can do anything to help. I wish so much that I could lift their burden; change what's happening. Ugh. Then today I get an email from that same person:
We're praying for the grace to continuing uniting this cross with our Lord's, and not to waste this gift of suffering, but today has been tough. Rejoice always...give thanks in all circumstances.
I am so incredibly blessed to know these people. What an amazing demonstration of living out our faith. I am so far behind on this one. What a beautiful trust they have.

 4. Adoration
I used to have the 3-4 AM shift every Thursday at the Oratory in Oakland. I stopped when I had G but I really miss that time alone with Our Lord. So, when our parish began a one-day-per-week, 24-hour Adoration time, I fell back into my old slot. I'm not sure how I did that week after week but it is kicking my behind right now. This, by far, is the greatest gift for me to offer up because it is SO difficult. This morning I kneeled in front of the monstrance (have you been to our chapel? you should go...when you kneel, the Eucharist is about 10 inches from your face). Anyway, I just stared at it and asked for help and healing for all those in need. I had no names to name, no specific situations to entrust (I was reallllyyyyy tired). I love that you can do that and God is just so happy that you are there. I will never run a marathon (at this point, a 5K looks a little iffy) but this is my marathon. I do it because I need to wake up my faith life in a way that no retreat or book can. I need to physically commit. It is so worth it.
5. It's FRIDAY, y'all!
Of course you know that means FISH FRY!!! I do wish they had these all year-round. I love them so. I love to go to different parishes and partake in each version. Tonight we're headed East to the nun's parish. Hopefully we'll see her. If not, the people there are more than welcoming. Mmmmm...can't wait for a little cod to come my way :0)
Wishing you all a blessed weekend and continuation of a fruitful Lent (if you haven't, start now!). Please keep Christine in your prayers for a healthy happy delivery. She is due on the 25th with #3. I am rejoicing in her upcoming birth since, had Bernadette not been too perfect for Earth, she would have arrived around now as well. Fresh babies are the best.
In the car on the way to Tiny Tots:
Me: You should start praying for Mrs. S...she is due on the 25th.
Them: THE 25TH????That's NEXT WEEK!!! We better hurry up!
I love those little people. They can be so selfless at times. I am blessed.



  1. Oh, thanks so much for all the prayers! I'll be offering prayers for you and Bernadette as well.

    You know about all the cool activities around town! I'll have to get some details from you sometime about things like Catechesis of the GS, Little Flowers, etc.

    I haven't even thought about fish frys yet this year! Maybe I can convince the husband to take us to one tonight instead of me having to cook :-)

    1. He actually DID agree to the fish fry idea, and we all enjoyed ourselves! Thanks again for the inspiration :-)