Friday, March 28, 2014

Glorious Day

Isn't every day glorious when you wake up? Yes, I'm channeling Bill. It's a great day!

Miss C refused, as is her practice, to let me get any sleep before my 3 AM shift at Adoration. Still, I felt somewhat rested (as I was resting, if not sleeping, since 10 PM) and the earlier wake up allowed me to check some email.

I received two emails from ladies who could use prayer so I actually had names and situations today! Yay! (Speaking of, please keep praying for Christine. She's a couple days late now and I would imagine that's nerve-wracking.)

I got to Adoration and finally, finally, got the spot directly in front of the monstrance. I know this seems petty, perhaps it is, it's not like you're talking to God's back if you're looking at it from behind. Still, I got to see that the Eucharist does, as I suspected, have an imprint on the front. Of course, it took me about 5 minutes to figure out it is the outline of the Lamb of God (I didn't realize because it's sideways).

I had to smile. Here is God, present for us, and we turn Him on His head practically. Oh, humanity.

It was humbling to pray the sorrowful mysteries while kneeling before the exposed Eucharist and directly under the crown of thorns (I'm telling you - go! It's an amazing place!)

Anyway, the pouring rain that was supposed to happen looks like it's only starting now which was another blessing (along with the 50 degree weather this morning!).

The wind is more lion than lamb but I love it. If you can't see God's power in Creation during this weather, I'm not sure you're looking at it right.

OK. I am tired so I'll spare you my rambling. It is Friday. Sunday is Rose Sunday (I can't spell it and spellcheck doesn't recognize it - go figure) so, be happy...only a little bit more!

Hope to see some of you Thursday morning at 40 Days. For the rest, please pray for us.

We are blessed!

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  1. Thanks, Sue. The 3:00 hour must be so peaceful. Not that all Adoration isn't peaceful, if I allow it to be. I get to go tomorrow. Scratch that- this afternoon! I was thinking up until now that it was Thursday. AND that means we need to be fed and in the car in 15 minutes!!! YIKES!