Tuesday, March 11, 2014

God's Love for Us

I love days like today. I pray for those who don't believe in an all-loving Creator. I think they must be missing something on days like this.

I was blessed to share the funeral of a friend with my beautiful daughter this morning. We arrived in time to pray a few decades for the deceased and then share the Mass together. My first baby is growing so quickly. I cherish these times that it's back to just she and I.

I had the special treat of going back to church later in the day to spend almost an entire hour here
I am in a fairly reflective mood today so it was nice to just sit and think and listen. I had time to actually go through the list of those who need/have asked for my prayers and remember them by name. Such a simple thing. Such a big deal to me.
Finally...this weather. Who but a loving Father would give us this kind of glimpse in the midst of our wintry existence? It's such a beautiful day. Kids playing outside. Sunshine. No coats.
Man are we blessed!

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