Monday, March 17, 2014

Got Green?

Haven't posted in a while so I'm checking in. I feel like we've been doing a lot of good stuff around here for Lent. Giving up a little; doing a lot more; praying regularly. I won't say more in case someone reads this and feels competitive...very non-Lent, you know ;0)

Anyhoo. Happy St. Patrick's Day! My DH's mother claims some small bit of Irish blood but, otherwise, we are fresh out around here. Still, I hate to miss a chance to add food coloring to my food...the kids LOVE that! So, I chopped up the leftover meatloaf, threw in a bunch of veggies, colored the leftover mashed potatoes green and voila, shepherd's pie...Irish Style!

(this is pre-baked...aren't the little potato shamrocks, roses, blobs darling?)
I'm sure all of the Irish out there are now shaking their heads. That's OK, it's not the most important thing.

That would be Brussels Sprouts! (only for me - roasted with garlic and are those yum! The potatoes aren't included today - old picture.) The boys will eat kale. The girls will eat kale in their "St. Patrick's fruit smoothie" - they think the color is from kiwi and since I can't hear from the kitchen, there is no way I can correct their false belief.

Wish I had some avocado around to make some pudding! LOL. No luck. Guess we'll just have chocolate.

Actually none of the food is the important thing, it's this:

First tooth gone! I love when they do it on major occasions (last day of preschool, trip home from the beach) because that means even I will remember for a while. He and his sibs are out there watching My Time with Jesus on EWTN - check it out! It's a crowd favorite.
Truly, the most important thing on this feast of St. Patrick and always is keeping Christ first in our lives.

St. Patrick, Pray For Us!

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  1. I've never found a very tasty way to make brussels sprouts, but your method does sound good! What kind of garlic - fresh, or powder? How long/temp for the roasting?