Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday - Lent

Yes, we're not even in the first full week and I'm already doing a top five...can't help it; it's my favorite time of the year!

1. Lentsanity

Brought to you by Fellowship of Catholic University Students this website/app is hysterical as well as informative. For those with "fancy phones" they will send a push notification on days of abstinence/fasting before lunch and most recent said "drop that meatball sub, it's Friday". A few extra laughs during Lent are always welcome.

2. Doing Your Best

If you haven't yet, check out Upside Down Homeschooling, particularly this post  Well, any post actually but this most recent topic has been on my mind a lot as well. At confession last night, Father told me "All God wants is for us to play the cards we are dealt the very best that we can." Indeed. Something I'm struggling with and needing to remember more often. Lots of times I want to shuffle the deck and other times I'm sure everyone else got a better hand than I. When I stop to look, though, I really shouldn't complain. 
I am blessed.

3. Looking at Trials Differently

Yes, I have trials. My continuing trial is a little boy who wants to be big and "live all on my own". We often joke that he would have been a great only child. Alas, not the cards he was dealt. For some reason, he and I go round and round and he is the chief reason for what I "gave up" for Lent...namely, yelling at my children (I do still raise my voice because, seriously, they are periodically deaf. I am trying mightily, however, to not yell in anger). 

So, when he and I were in our usual downward spiral this afternoon - I was trying to get dinner started and he was standing in the corner - I tried a new approach. I brought him into the kitchen with me and I helped him make dinner. I'm not sure it had that much effect on his behavior but it made a huge change in mine. I was gifted with the grace to teach him at that moment and see that desire for nurturing from him. I am thankful for that small glimpse. 


Last night was our third trip to confession as a family. I'm not sure exactly what I feel about it at the moment. I guess that means we'll keep trying. I like the idea of all the kids going and seeing the process so that, when it's their turn, it won't be a weird, scary thing, but just one more family activity. I was pleased that Blondie said, while we were waiting for sister to exit the box, "I would like to go in there!". Of course, that was just before she insisted on walking the aisles with daddy and screaming little brother (my current vote "against" the outings). I guess he will get used to it, just like Mass, and we will have good days and bad. It is so nice to have a home where they know us and know what to expect of us. Even when I am unsettled by some of the other people in the pews and even the leadership at times, there is something to be said for routine and working out differences. I think the culture is enough about leaving when things get difficult. I want my kids to feel differently about that. (Wow, that was a totally stream-of-consciousness tangent...sorry).

5. Stations of the Cross
I have probably already said it but, other than Good Friday services, this is one of my very favorite Lent activities. I took #s 1&2 this afternoon to the school service. We went early so that we could pray the rosary (we got 4 decades in and finished the last after). It was a blessing to have our dear Deacon leading. I adore clergy who lead Stations and get choked up (they don't have to sob like I do). It makes me feel like they're really "getting it" not just going through the motions. Our Deacon is like that. We are blessed.

So, if you haven't had the opportunity to do some of these things yet, get going! Yes, there are many days of Lent left but there are so many great activities! Don't wait until the last minute :0) Have a blessed weekend.

Saints Perpetua and Felicity, Pray for Us!   


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