Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Feast of St. Joseph

I'm back...don't you love two-for-one days? It's kind of a special day...the Feast of St. Joseph. One of the two non-Sundays in Lent that you can "break your fast and FEAST"! This is especially pertinent for #1 who gave up desserts for Lent. She was very happy to see this day arrive.

It also happens to be DH's feast day. Of course St. Joseph, as the foster father of Our Lord, makes a great patron for any father.  DH's "official" name/patron day is Easter so we give him an extra party for St. Joseph's Day - because we love him and he's an awesome caretaker/father/husband (turns out it's a huge day in Italy as well so, double bonus).

I asked what he wanted for dinner and he answered Lime Chicken with Lentils. Ooohhh. I don't think I've made that since we had fewer than two kids but, wow, it's awesome! I love when the feastee picks something that I like as well.

Apparently, in Italy, dessert is a big deal (being a feast and all) and one go-to item is the cream puff. Who knew they were this easy? Look it up on the Internet! Easier, by far, than pie. Water, butter and salt in a pan, form a dough, add eggs, bake, and you have these luscious creme vessels.
Whip up some powdered sugar and heavy cream, make a pastry bag out of a storage bag...yum, yum and yum! (note - the Italian ones are made with ricotta filling...Alas, Sunoco does have whipping cream but does not have ricotta cheese...go figure.)

Having these within eyesight made even the pickiest little person at least try the main course. No extra cooking for mom! It's like a feast day all my own :0) The kids loved them. This guy was kind of astonished he got one all to himself.

After dinner we decided to give holy hour a go. #2 was back to his old obstinate self, Blondie was oblivious to the Monstrance and exposed Eucharist on the altar and tiny man...well, let's just say his language is bursting forth - look at the crucifix, scream "Jesus" a few times; see the deacon on the altar, "Father" a few more times; what's that? a candle? "Blow, blow, blow". After DH took him out, I clearly heard "Happy Fist Day You" and "Holy Water" quite clearly...that second one is completely new.
So, the parenting odyssey continues. I hope my beloved had a little extra grace from St. Joseph and managed to smile at his blessings (loud though they be). I knew we were in the right place when, looking up just before we entered the church we saw this

Happy Feast of St. Joseph, everyone! We are so very blessed!

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  1. Those do look tasty! I'm surprised that Sunoco carries whipping cream, I must say..