Thursday, December 3, 2015

MapMyRun said it's been a month...

since part of my ramped up Advent is trying to move more and eat less, I figured it was a good idea. It turned out to be a mental health boost as well. I'm not stressed about anything in particular, I just miss my small window of time to listen to my tunes and hear what I can hear. It was extra welcome since my favorite "baker" showed up after on.

After dinner, I hopped on my again-working treadmill (props to the Holy Spirit for making that happen). First song? Jimmy Buffet, "Fruitcakes"

"We need more fruitcakes in this world and less bakers!
We need people that care! I'm mad as hell! And I don't want to
take it anymore!"

You see, my beloved is a baker. He likes to be in control of his world 24/7. He likes to organize when he's stressed. His stress often coincides with my been-home-with-several-fever-ridden-grouchy-kids all day. You know, when I'm exhausted. I don't want to "tidy" at that point. I want to run on my treadmill, take a shower and go to bed. So, I did and am and it's good for all of us because I don't much. Besides, I like my baker on an overwhelming majority of days. I am grateful for all the things he does to keep this place moving forward...among other things, making dough (lol)

Next? Ahh, Jewel. Perfect for the season...any season really. 

you know you love him if you put him in your will who will save your soul when it comes to the flower / who will save your soul after all the lies that you told, boy / who will save your soul if you won't save your own?
I read this fairly disturbing novel recently. It was dystopian/utopian society...all is good and proper. At least until the main character realizes that the people around him lie. We are all liars from time to time, truth be told. I don't know what it is but it always catches me easily lying comes in society today.

Good news, though, we know who will save our soul, lies and all...we need only repent and be forgiven. His mercy endures forever! How grateful I am for that Mercy.

The next thing I remember
I am walking down the street
I’m feeling all right
I’m with my boys
I’m with my troops, yeah
And down along the avenue
Some guys were shootin’ pool
And I heard the sound of a cappella groups, yeah
Singing late in the evening
And all the girls out on the stoops, yeah
I do love Paul Simon. He is so timeless and so rhythmically pleasing. A good upbeat song on which to end. Well, maybe just one more ;0)
My favorite choir, right here at home! I am so very blessed.
Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus! 

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